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just cleaned my cage

just cleaned my cage

just cleaned the cage still havent found fleece that i like.
cant wait till i have time to expand
going from a 2x3 to a 2x4 with a second level 1x4 along the back
iwould like to find black or brown coroplast for the base to match my house, but cant find it anywere
How does the newspaper work out? I'm going through a TON of carefresh ($$$$$$) for my litter area, which is 2x2 tho I'm worried it will get very wet, very fast.
im only using until i find fleece that i like
its not to bad i change it every 2-3 days
I leaned it every 2-3 days, I just sweep everything out and clean it with vinigar and water, but now i use fleece and shavings with a devider between them much easier. They now have there kitchen were they eat, pee and poop, they almost never pee on the fleece

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