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Jiggys New Cage

Jiggys New Cage - Guinea Pig Cages

This is the redo of my last cage. I made it two full levels and I'm planing on making three levels with a fourth level on my dresser in order to have lots of room for two boys.

I also messed up a bent panel so I made a bed out of it. He's been caught sleeping in it. ^.^
I'm hoping so. It gets realy cold in my room since we don't have heat other than kerosene heater in the trailor. I put the little space heater on low in my room when I can take it from my dad. Jiggster likes it. He has fun going up and down the ramp. ^.^
UPDATE- I got jiggy a new budy and the cage is now three levels of 2x3. Soon to be fixed for chloroplast.
UPDATE- The cage is now three sets of 2x3 due to the speak of a moment addition of a young sow and her pregnant mother. I am making the top level biger for them.

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