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bent grid hidey house/platform bed

bent grid hidey house/platform bed - Guinea Pig Cages

I was looking for a double duty hidey house and platform to get to the second level. I used four bent grids to make this double hidey house with a platform on top that's also a comfy bed.
Love it - what a unique idea!

Is the cushioning wadding/batting coverted in fleece - and have you made a kind of envelope tio keep it attached to the top grid?

I think I might give your idea a go - if you don't mind sharing!
I sewed the end like a pillowcase to keep it on the bed end. I took a piece of batting and folded it over three times, sewed it to the bottom fleece and then put fleece on top of that. I think the pigs will love it (at least I hope so). Use away, that's why I put it here!
So, how do you use it as a platform to get up a level? Do they just go from the top bunk and step up?

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