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What kind of stupid pig do I have, anyway?

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Jackie has decided that not only is brown paper more comfy than beds with orthopedic foam, it's tastier than pellets.

Why, Jackie, why??

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  1. starshine123102's Avatar
    Silly piggie!
  2. Peggysu's Avatar
    Well look at the bright side, at least when Jackie is done eating the paper bag he'll have to definitely sleep on the bed with orthopedic foam because there will be nothing else.
  3. PiggieMamaKelly's Avatar
    Hey, if I were served the same meal day in and day out, I might get a little experimental as well.
  4. Paula's Avatar
    I think maybe Jackie knows something you don't.
  5. hydrohoki's Avatar
    I understand, I prefer sleeping on a picnic table to my own bed. Perhaps the view from the brown paper is better?
  6. PiggieMamaKelly's Avatar
    Just be glad he didn't munch on the orthopedic foam. Than you'd really be steamed.
  7. Wheek Weak's Avatar
    For the same reason human kids will play with the box instead of the toy that came in it, and play with the pots and pans in the cupboard, and eat mud pies and paste...

    IT'S MORE FUN!!!!!!!
  8. Ly&Pigs's Avatar
    To make you ask this question Salana!!!
  9. Pennylou's Avatar
    Silly piggy...its like my mom used to say when i was 7. You have all these nice toys, yet you insist on playing with a rubber band!