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Guinea Pig

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About 2 weeks ago l had to place my guinea piggy girl MoneyPenny to sleep because she had a serious grease gland skin condition & wouldn't stop scratching, so l had my local veterinary come to my place to place her asleep which was very sad & then l had my other guinea piggy girl Betty grease gland on her bum looked at & it wasn't serious like MoneyPenny's; stupid vet gave Betty a small dose of antibiotics (thinking it would clear up her grease gland) instead the antibiotics made Betty throw up yucky brown liquid & she didn't like the way that my vet was "man handling" her roughly; now she's still truamazied from the ordeal, she's been really sooky & she still wants to be constantly cuddle, l'm really concerned that she isn't over the "man handling" ordeal, what can l do?

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  1. mcbean2006's Avatar
    Try cleaning her grease gland. Here is a great tutorial. Cleaning Your Guinea Pig's Grease Gland

    If this doesn't work I would try another vet. I hope this helps.