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Chat Happy Guinea Pig Appreciation Day!

Guinea Pig Papa

Staff member
Cavy Slave
May 12, 2015
Happy guinea pig appreciation day! I was coming to the forum to post the same thing with Robin Hood...he got a brand new Oxbow Timmy Pop to swing around to celebrate :eek:

Your boys our precious, I just love Simon (he's the fluffy roan-ish guy, right?) :love:

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Oh what a sweet, happy looking boy! Sly would swing treats around when he was very happy, and now Simon does it from time to time too! Adorable!

Simon is on the left, Leo on the right. Leo has turned into such an unbelievably sweet pig. It took him awhile to come around, I'm guessing because he went from an only pig, to being happy to have a brother and then losing that brother only to be introduced to another one. He's now a big snuggler. Simon has always been a sweet boy.