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10-14-13, 11:11 am
Hi everyone, my name is Sarah and I'm from Canada. I have 6 pets and 2 fish. 4 of those 6 pets are beautiful female guinea piggies. I've been a piggie slave for about 2 years now and I have a huge 5x2 c&c cage with a loft(takes up half the living roomlol) plus a store bought cage. Rusty, Allie and Lillith all share the huge c&c (but Rusty is divided away from the other two because she just wont bound) and then Callie is in a store bought cage because she wont bound either. They can all see each other and interact they just have to do this through bars. I'm also signed up to a different pg forum too but I decided I'd give 2 a go.
Rusty and Lillith were my first piggies I ever got, they came as a bounded pair. Rusty is an American Crested and Lillith is just a normal American. When I got them I knew basically nothing about piggies. I signed up to a forum and learned a lot. I actually rescued Rusty and Lillith. I saw them on a local add website and deiced why not? When I met them they were in a store bought cage, in a serious need of a bath and cage clean, in a house full of kids (probably 7 of them)under the age of 11 and scared for everything. Still to this day Rusty hates being held by anyone other than my dad and I and Lillith is terrified of loud noises(they usually are, but Lillith is even more so.)
Callie came from a breeder and has a pretty easy story. Shes an Abyssinian piggie that I also found on the local add website. I decided that Lillith and Rusty would handle another little piggie but boy was I wrong. Rusty wouldn't bound with her so Callie stays in the store bought cage and is pretty happy. I make sure she has extra floor time and extra cuddle time and she's pretty happy. She popcorns and runs around the cage all the time like its no one business lol
Allie came from a store because I was going to bound her and Callie but when I got her she had bugs on her- so a vet trip was in order. When I got there I learned she had mites. I separated her from Callie and when she got better I tried to bound them back together and it never worked.

Here's some pigtures of the girlies and their cages
More to come!

10-14-13, 11:12 am
Wow, they're sooo cutee:)

10-14-13, 11:15 am
And then their cage

10-14-13, 11:35 am
Callie and Rusty are ssooososososososo cute!!

10-14-13, 11:54 am
They are adorable. You better hold onto Rusty because I am coming to Canada to pignap her. I love the orange pigs. I also have an orange pig named Rusti and a black pig like Callie, her name is Randi.

It's so nice to meet you and your girls.

10-14-13, 11:57 am
PIGNAP!!! Watch out, Kelsie, because I may beat you to it!

10-14-13, 03:34 pm
Thank you everyone! Yes Rusty is a beautiful girl. I think- at her old home, Rusty was over looked because of her being orange with red eyes. Honestly I think she is so beautiful especially because she has red eyes.

10-14-13, 03:35 pm
So pretty...