View Full Version : Rabbit food question

05-15-05, 03:00 pm
Do rabbits need timothy hay or can I give them the pellets withTimothy hay in it. I don't have a clue. Thanks.

05-15-05, 03:08 pm
Rabbits need Tim hay. Just like GPs their teeth continually grow. They must have unlimited hay to keep healthy teeth.

Once a week you should take away their pellets and just offer them hay. Rabbits aren't always hay lovers like GPs so sometimes need to be forced to eat hay.

Limit the pellets you give your rabbit. They should not have unlimited access of pellets. Only give about 1/4 to 1/2 cup per 6lbs of body weight.

Rabbits also need hay to maintain a healthy G.I. tract

Bookmark and read this website...lots of good and accurate info.

05-16-05, 12:39 pm
Thanks. So it would be best to give them the actual hay. If I do this do I have to buy the pellets with Timothy hay in them because it would be cheaper to buy the two seperate.

05-16-05, 01:06 pm
It would be best to buy them seperate, the pellets with the hay included does not provide enough hay. Rabbits love to have big piles of hay, especially in their litterbox.