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Rabbits Advice Needed Neighbor Keeping Rabbit Loose on Apt Patio


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May 2, 2017
Hello all,
I have a dilemma, that I need some advice on the best way to resolve. I have noticed in my apartment complex, that my neighbor is keeping their pet rabbit on the patio. It is a first floor, fenced in patio with concrete. I have checked in the early morning, afternoon, and late evening and the little guy/gal is always outside there. On the patio they have a litter box, potty pad, a child's play castle and two small childrens chairs. There used to be a water bowl, but it is no longer visible. I think they might have moved it into the litter box with the scant amount of hay.
It is the summer here so temperature in the evening is 75's and day 80-90's. We also have thunderstorms frequently. It is raining now and the patio is still dry. It is positioned so it faces away from weather and always in the shade.

I really want to say something to them, but don't know what the right action is. I am worried if I complain to the apartment they will just stick the rabbit in a small cage inside. I know a patio is not a suitable home, but at least he/she isn't stuck in a hutch, has space and fresh air. I was thinking of printing out a caresheet for rabbits, along with a letter stating my concern for the rabbit, and mention it looks to be having a difficult time in the heat.
What would you do?
Could you clarify more on what you are most concerned about with the rabbit?

Having a rabbit on the porch is not a terrible idea if it is protected from foul weather. 90's would be too hot for a rabbit, but if the concrete stays cool (in the shade) and/or if they put out frozen water bottles or cool tiles there, bunny should remain cool enough. (I'm only seeing one day in the next week that will be over 90 in MA.)

Does the rabbit have access inside the play castle? Could there be water or hay in there? Are you concerned that the rabbit is not being provided enough hay?

Just trying to understand what the main concerns are...
That's a tough situation. You don't want to offend your neighbor by offering unsolicited advice but at the same time, it sounds like they could do with a little rabbit care information. You didn't say if you are friends with these neighbors or if they just live in the same complex. If you are friendly with them perhaps you could just start a conversation about their rabbit and sort of lead into mentioning how hot it's becoming and ask them if the heat bothers their rabbit. That might open the door to them being willing to listen to your concerns. I wouldn't go to management about your concerns because that could really backfire on you. If the manager forces them to either move the rabbit or worse get rid of it and they aren't the nicest people they could just abandon it.

I think it's very kind of you to be concerned about this rabbit. I know it's so difficult to see (broken link removed) being cared for in a proper manner but unfortunately, people are going to do whatever they want even if it's wrong.

I hope everything works out for this rabbit.
Works for mine!
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