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04-18-09, 11:09 am
Hello all,

I'm Heidi from Germany and new here. I study business and my hobbies are my cavies, horses and animal protection. Additionally I invest a lot of time in self-development.

And here my cavies!

Spike (left) and Struppi are brothers and Abyssian. They are both buck and one year old. And the white one is Batida. He is one year old, too and very cheeky.


And Amadeus, our new one. He came to me yesterday and it's a very nice boy. :) I don't know how you say to this breed in english, but in german it is an "Coronet".


04-18-09, 02:44 pm
Hello there. You have gorgeous piggies!I like spike and his brother.Well,hope to see you around on the forum!

04-18-09, 03:02 pm
It is "coronet" in English a well :)

Welcome to gpc! Your piggies are adorable.

My grandparents are from Germany :) it is a vey beautiful place.

04-18-09, 03:29 pm
Hello, and Welcome! Your guinea pigs are absolutely adorable. By looking at the photo, Spike and Struppi look like they could almost pass as twins (with the exception of slight differences in their markings.) Amadeus looks so sweet. I can't help but ask, how in the world do you manage to keep Batida's fur so white?

04-19-09, 12:55 am
@ Oliversnana

I washing him by 95 degrees celcius lol

No, that was a joke. ;)
He is a very cleanly cavy and groom himself a lot. I wondering how he can keep so clean, too.
But if he eating a carrot, he is orange around his mouth :D

04-19-09, 01:32 am
Welcome! Your piggies are so cute!!

new piggie
04-19-09, 08:32 am
Welcome to GPC Drusilla! Adorable piggers!

04-19-09, 08:46 am
I fell in love with Spike and Struppi!!! Hehehe...
Batida is cute and Amadeus... handsome!