View Full Version : How Durable is coroplast?

01-16-05, 02:41 pm
Has anyone ever had any problems with any sort of urine wrecking the coroplast and then maybe getting onto your floor? I have hard wood floors and I don’t want them to get ruined if the cage is on the ground.

01-16-05, 03:09 pm
Never had urine make it through the coroplast here...worst thing is it has discolored it a very little but thats all.

01-16-05, 03:11 pm
I have coroplast in my hedgehogs cage and have never had any trouble with urine going through. Just make sure you have lots of bedding(whatever you use) so that it soaks it up so none runs to the seems of the coroplast.

01-16-05, 04:44 pm
Yup, the bedding should take care of leaks

01-16-05, 09:26 pm
Ditto here. no worries.

I was inititally woried about this also to the point i was looking for "safe" silicon or adhesive. What I did was simply used some packing tape to hold the shape of the corner and to also act as a seal. When I change the cage I use a few layers of newspaper and then bedding. Even on the corner that has a drippy water bottle I never had any leaks. Bedding and paper soaks it up before it hits the tape and coroplast.

you would need a herd of piggies long before you have to worry. Enjoy and have fun with the cage.

01-17-05, 06:59 am
ok thanks...it sounds like I don't have to worry about it

01-18-05, 04:47 am
even if you had no bedding, the urin wouldn't leak through the coroplast, unless you didn't make it right..Bedding just soaks up the urin.

01-18-05, 10:38 am
Auzziefreak is right. Even without bedding, the urine shouldn't be able to get out (if you made the cage correctly).