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10-06-04, 10:50 pm
I have been in the works of building a cage for my slightly over a year old mini lop. The cage is 3 cubes L X 2 Cubes W X 3 cubes H. Is this a good size cage for my bunny? I also wanted to give her the max amount of room so i put two more levels in there. There is basically 3 full floors minus the space the ramp needs and takes up. There is a fair amound of room in the cage. I am however worried that she doesnt have enough head room. She isnt in the cage yet, she is in my dorm room where she gets a chance to run around most of the day. Is the heigh an issue, some people have cages that are 2 levels high with the same amount of head room that my cage has. I should be done with it this weekend, so ill post pics as soon as i can.

10-07-04, 09:07 am
Basically with a rabbit cage you need to make sure that the rabbit can stand in the cage Fully extended. So that they have enough room to stretch out and jump, etc.

10-07-04, 10:50 am
Thanks for the reply furkid

She has plenty of room to run around and strech. However she doesnt have enough room to stand on her back legs without touching the next level. She can stand on her back legs but not to a fully standing position like she can on her current cage or when out.