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Hay Your opinions on KMS


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Feb 20, 2012
Ive been saving my money to buy a 15lb box of their hay. I have never bought from them before. What is your favorite type of timothy and what are your opinions on it?
I just want to make sure its worth it as shipping is $20 but thats a good deal for the amount of hay ill get considering the hay itself is only about $15, considering my parents spend $10 a week on a 40 oz bag of oxbow for my 3 pigs
I just get 2nd, but lots of people buy 3rd cut since it's more leafy. The 2nd cut still isn't what I'd consider "stemmy" hay. My opinion of it? It's fantastic. My pigs go nuts over it! It's green and smells like a heavenly meadow!
Thank you! Does the second cut have a lot of seed heads in it? As thats my piggies favorite part :)
Yeah, it has quite a bit. My piggies love those as well!
My boys love love love love it.
I get the 2nd cut.
Okay thank you! Ill place my order once we finish moving :) Thanks!
I tried 2nd cut when they ran out of 3rd and it was really good but not as good as 3rd. It wasn't as soft (my pigs like to lie in it). But 2nd or 3rd - both are excellent choices. Sidenote - if your pigs are under 6 mths, I would look at the alfalfa rather than timothy.
If you have a feed store in your area I'd encourage you to check them out before placing your order. I'm able to get 70-80 lbs of wonderful hay for $20 or less that's as leafy and green and fragrant as KMs, so I personally can't justify the expense of shipping.
Yes I have looked. I havent been able to find any. Also we don't have anywhere to store that much hay. Im going to ask around at some of the local farms and see if they have any timothy. that I can get in smaller amounts. before I order as I am saving up to buy them some items and more fleece for their cage
My last bag came from KMS. I decided to try it because my Oxbow seemed to be getting drier and drier and I was throwing out a lot of it because my pigs wouldn't eat it. I bought the 2nd cut timothy hay from KMS. It was much greener and softer. With shipping, it cost me .50 cents less than Oxbow..so vary comparable in price. My boys love the seedheads as well, or "softies" as we call them. I think the KMS 2nd cut timothy hay has about an equal amount as the Oxbow I had been buying. I liked KMS enough to have just purchased my second box. I have heard great things about the 3rd cut but I know you shouldn't store it in an air-tight container. I would love to try it but have nowhere to store it!

Before moving to the city, I used to buy hay and straw straight from the grower. It was about two or three miles away and I paid 7 bucks a bail. Now, that stuff was FRESH. If you are able to do that, then I would highly recommend it!
No one in my area I know has guinea pigs. Or they may have some and dont take care of them. Is the second cut leafier than oxbow? Im wondering if anyone knows what cut oxbow hay is.
I used to order her 3rd cut Timothy, which is amazing quality, but I found a hay farm close to me that is much cheaper and still really good quality too. I now buy the hay from my hay farm and I buy KMS Timothy Choice pellets.
I have been looking at KMS also, but the price of shipping was shocking. I did check with my local co-op and I can get a 55lb bale of Timothy for $13. Can hay "go bad"? I do have 3 pigs but I'm worried It could go bad. I think I'm still going to order my pellets from KMS. I have heard how great they are.
Hay can go bad (get molded) if not stored properly. Read here for proper storage https://www.guinealynx.info/hay_storage.html .

I store mine in a cardboard box with holes punched in the side and also in paper bags (with a few holes in the sides of the bags) for easy access and filling.
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