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Joy You know you're a "crazy cavy lady" when…


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Mar 14, 2011
I've been having a lot of these moments lately so I thought I'd make a thread for people to talk about their piggyisms, hehe! :D

1) You spend 10 minutes talking to the lady cutting your fleece at Joann's about fleece vs. shavings as bedding and why her children do not need to get a guinea pig. Cue weird looks from surrounding customers, haha!

2) Random squeaks from chairs in class or otherwise always sound like piggies, at which point you look up excitedly for a nearby piggy.

3) You find a poopy in your bed and have not had a piggy in your bed for a few days so you begin to wonder if you should wash the sheets...
"Nah, I'll do it tomorrow, I've got to wash fleece then anyways".

Love your #2! I hear squeaks and wheeks all the time. Thought I was the only one!!!

4. You worry more about the quality of veggies for your piggies than your humans.
5. You gather your feece scraps and think of how you can make a Piggie Quilt.
6. You ask your co-worker to safe, TP, PT rolls and kleenex boxes
7. You eat raw veggies in the mornings because it is so easy to nibble while you are cutting up their breakfast.
8. You see every wire container as a potential hay rack.
9. You get excited when bell pepper is on sale.
10. You see potential toys in stuff you didn't care about before.

11. You start talking to your friends about guinea pigs and they go, "Ohh, great. Here we go again..."

12. Your English teacher knows you have guinea pigs just from correcting your writing asignments.

13. All the fabric or craft stuff you buy is to make something guinea pig related.
ohhhh,lordy,so funny,but I"m with everyone!!!! I'n nuts to!! i'm standing in the recliner with strawberry stuck up under my chin now.:):)
14. You spend more time on your Piggies Menu than for the Humans.
15. Your piggies have more sets of bedding than your Humans do.
16. You could spend hours watching your piggies sleep/play, than watching TV.
17. You call your Husband Poppy...:eek:
18. you always have guineapigcages.com open on you iPhone ..
19. you are too lazy to clean your house, but your cage is spotless ...
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19. You get excited for holidays just so you can buy holiday themed toys, fleece, and do photo shoots
12. Your English teacher knows you have guinea pigs just from correcting your writing asignments.

Funny. This is both of my kids! All they write about since we got the guinea pigs is the guinea pigs :)
Funny. This is both of my kids! All they write about since we got the guinea pigs is the guinea pigs :)
Ha! Yup, that's me. I'll bet in at least every one of my papers it says "guinea pigs" at least once. lol I brought in some pictures of them for a project and my English teacher asked if she could see the pictures. She said they were cute. :)

I've got some more:

20. Your neighbor always comments on how big your pigs are getting whenever you take them outside.

21. One of your friends knows you have pigs and you haven't even told him before.

22. When you say, "Guess what I got for..." your friend answers, "What did you get for your pigs now?"

23. You look around in the veggie section and you used to think it was the most boring place in the whole grocery store.
This so funny but so very true! I am always on my iPhone and have my app open to this forum. Even at work I have it up in the background reading it during patients that come to my desk.
And yes I told my co workers to save the TP rolls and PT rolls but also said I needed the Kleenex boxes too since I use them for a hay rack. I show my co workers the latest pictures of my piggies and yes now I look forward to going to the produce section just to see what I will buy this week for my piggies. And get very excited when I see bell peppers on sale.... Who wouldn't??? Lol
The Grocery store has 99 cent bags of baby carrots, or a vegtable sale going on with 3 for a dollar bellpeppers or 79 cent red or green leaf lettuce! You see a bag of hay in a store and it's $4 for 15oz so you smirk to yourself since you have a 125 pound bale in the shed you got for $18!

When you own a dustbuster for the sole reason of poop hunting! When you tell your spouse not to toss out that soda carton but leave it on the floor or cage as a tunnel/chew toy.

When your spouse calls from the bathroom and asks if they should save the TP roll (know they are hooked then too)
24) At the grocery store it's no longer about the best brand of food, but it's about what brand has the best boxes for your piggies :crazy:.
LOL my BF Richard was just going out front door and we had a 3.0 quake, I say it was a 2.8 (we always guess prior to looking up on USGS) piggy keeps eating hay, he askes was that the piggy! LOL yup a 2 pound piggy just shook the house ..... we get weekly quakes piggy never misses a beat, grew up with them.
25) You can spend over an hour just sitting next to your piggies' cage watching them like a crazy stalker.
27) Installing a IR video baby monitor so you can watch them from bed on your laptop or your cellphone from work.

28) haveing two way audio on the monitor!

29) showing your co-workers or friends the live feed and whelking to get them to respond.
30. Over 3/4 of the pictures on your camera are of your pigs.

31. When someone says, "guinea pig" you stop to listen.

32. You don't care if your clothes are covered in pig fur.

33. You're already planning a care packet to give to your friend who's going to care for your pigs for a week or so.. And that's not for 5 months yet.
34. You say "I love you" when your husband/boyfriend/partner is in the room and he/she asks if you're speaking to them or the pigs.
35. You get excited about the grass growing again outside (which used to cause dismay as it means hours of mowing) and start looking at it through a piggy's eyes, thinking "ooooo, that patch looks nice and juicy!"

36. Ditto dandelions, chickweed, cleavers, plantain and groundsel - previously all unwanted weeds - now nutritious treats!
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23. You look around in the veggie section and you used to think it was the most boring place in the whole grocery store.

Yep! That's me!
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