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You Know You're A Cavy Lover When....


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Oct 15, 2004
1. You actually know that cavy is another word for guinea pig.
2. You hear the word "popcorn" and don't think of food.
3. You consider going on vacation, but then decide that its not worth leaving the piggies over.

okay I started it off with three...now add your own!
1. Looking for piggies for a good home and take em.
2. Spoil them with everything that they want.
3. Take a million pics of em and tell everyone that they are your kids too.
1. Their cage is almost as big as your bed
2. They go to the vet more than you go to a doctor
3. You know exactly what sound they make when the want food, veggies, water, hay, cuddle time....etc
lol, l2t they're good ones

1) When most of your fridge consists of piggy veggies
2) When theres no space to move around in your bedroom because of the cage
3) When you redecorate the cage more than your house.
1. When their cage is as big as your bed
1. When most of your fridge consists of piggy veggies

Quoted from Loves2Travel and Piglet...
My pigs cage is bigger than my bed! lol! And Piglet, my pigs have their own fridge!! Lol!

1.Get paranoid if they sneeze even once, cough, ect.
2.Thoroughly clean their cage more than you even "spot clean" your room.
3.Belong to this site('Cause all we talk about are pigs!)
1. When most of your friends have pigs
2. when you drop everything and dash over to where they are when you hear any noise
1. hearing them beg for veggies when you walk by
2. talk to them all day when your home
3. check on them everytime you walk by the room that they are in
1. they have a website devoted to them
22. When you catch yourself at work/in class dreaming up new cage setups and new toys.
23. When you find yourself talking to them all day--and you're not at home.
24. You see small hairs on a co-worker/friend and ask "oh do you have a cavy?"
25. Everyone in the office knows your piggies by name.
1. When your SO is jealous of them.
2. When you keep talking in high pitched "piggy/cute voice" when no piggies are around.
3. When you try to do your own version of "wheek!"

1. When you have more pictures of your pigs than your kids!
2. When you spend more time with your pigs than your friends and family (by choice!! lol)
3. you constantly look for things that could be converted into a hidey house!
1. always looking for more toys for them
2. spending more money on them than your self
3. making binkys, tents and pigloos for the piggies.

(im making tons of binkys and winter warmers for my piggies.)
1) when you are driving down the street in your car and see political election signs and think, "Omg thats coroplast!! I could make another cage if I had that!"
2)You drive by a house and notice they are adding on and think, "I should add on to my house, so the piggs can have their own room"
2)When you go to Joanns (or any sewing store) you start buying fleece for the piggs instead of what you came in for.
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1) when you dream (at night) about ways to add onto your piggies cage.
2) sit by their cages and talk to them
1)when you start looking for 'fashionable' shirts/hand bags with piggs on them (these are very hard to find, I would know lol)
2) when your key chain has 10 pictures of just piggs.
3)when your locker is filled with pictures of your piggs instead of your lover lol.
1) When they get fed before you (I'm not kidding)

2) When you have a pic of them in your purse/wallet!
1. When you think of them more than you think of your friends, significant other, etc.
2. When you match all the rooms to the cage's decor.
3. When you buy a house, you look for how it would best suit the pigs.
1) when your computer desktop and buddy icons on AIM have pictures of them (as i do, LOL)

2) when they get presents on their birthday and for christmas
When you come home with a hangover, collapse on your bed & noticing the cage is quiet, mumble your guinea pigs name. In response, they run out of their pigloo & start wheeking & looking around for you. You're so moved by their, "welcome home" you ignore the brick in your stomach, take them out of the cage & nearly fall asleep with them curled up against you.
1) When they eat better than you do.
2) When you're busy packing up to move to a new house and you drop everything to
make their cage bigger.
3) When you spend more time thinking about their social life than your own.
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