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WOW!! My piggies LOVE raw bacon and pringles!!


Cavy Slave
May 25, 2004
About to have a heart attack werent you? HAHA! JUST KIDDING! Anyways, I forgot to ask this question in my "Hi all, I'm new" thread.

I have a 2x4 C&C cage that is built with the 15" cubes making it about 13 sq. feet. How many cavy's can I house comfortably with a soon to come 1x4 second deck?

P.S. sorry for the heart attacks! :-D
Yeah that was a close heart attack.
Cars_N_Cavys said:
... soon to come 1x4 second deck?

Ha Ha! TOLD YOU you'd soon be remodelling! My hubby says he'll shoot me if I drag him into one more conversation about my neverending cage redesign.
Sooooooooo.............any answers on the 13 sq. foot pen with another 1x4 for a second deck?
On the homepage it shows 2 guinea pigs for a 2X4 cage. But with 13 sq. ft. then three I believe.
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