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would this be ok for my guinea pigs???

I wouldn´t use a rack like that.
Having guinea pigs work for their food is fine, but hay should be easily available in my opinion and this rack doesn´t look as if that is the case there.
I had one similiar to that but it hung from the cage. It was a huge pain to put hay into it. For that reason alone I quit using it. However, it was pretty easy for the pig to eat the hay.
I have one like that too but don't use it that often. When I first got it, I was using Kaytee hay which has long stiff strands and it was really hard to fill the ball. Also the door won't stay shut so I have to close it with a twist tie. My girls seemed to like it though, and didn't have any trouble getting the hay out (I hung it on the cage), but it didn't hold much and I was always refilling it. When I switched to KM hay which is much softer, it was easier to fill, but my girls really seem to prefer a big pile of hay that they can lay in.
I have these:(broken link removed)
and for 1 or 2 piggies it's fine. It usually comes with a salt lick-just throw that away. They're unhealthy and unnecessary. I actually went to the dollar store and bought a small square bin that was lower in the front, and pile the hay in that. Then if I get meadow hay or something special, I'll put it in a rack like this.
Your best bet is a bent grid hay rack. If you have a C&C cage just take an extra grid or 2 or 3, bend it in half, and zip tie it to the wall of the cage. They hold lots of hay and keep (most of) the hay off of the floor.
if you have a walmart nearby they have utensil holders that are dirt cheap and work great

- Walmarthey were like 3 dollars or so in my store
I have a bunch of these ones from (broken link removed)which is enough to hold hay for one or two pigs, but I bought quite a few so most cages have 2 in. Grids are super hard to find in South Africa (I've only found it at a China Mart 2 hours' drive from me and they were hellishly expensive) so this was a good option for me...
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