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Rabbits Would be safe to make a cage this high?


New Member
Cavy Slave
Apr 7, 2012
Hi I have two male rabbits, who have not been bonded until they both get neutered and used to each other. They currently both live in an EXTREMELY tiny place and I'm trying to make them a new c&c cage! Since my house is quite small and we have no spare room, would it be possible to make a 4 story cage so each rabbit could get two story and the size would be 2X3 until we move house in late august? Thank you for anyones help:)
Definitely sounds good to me. The minimum size C&C cage for 1 animal is 2x3, and if each Rabbit is getting it's own 2 floors, I don't see why that wouldn't work. It would be safe to make a cage that high with Guinea Pigs, but I dunno about with Rabbits. Just make sure everything is secure and if you are doubting yourself, making roofs is easy.

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