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Nutrition worried about portion sizes, weight gain, and weight loss.


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Cavy Gazer
Jun 23, 2021
Hello! this is my first post on here. I was wondering, since I have been using hearts of romaine as my lettuce for my pigs, what should the portion size be? I usually go for a little more than a handful per pig, and I do 1/4th cup of pellets per pig as well. I have not had any problems with these sizes, but from what I have observed, my Luna has gained weight very quickly over the past few months and Hazel has gotten smaller! Should I seperate the pigs at meal time? Or is one pig hogging all the food? I'm worried about them both.
also, i do provide different veggies with their food, for example 1 broccoli floret per pig, or 1 baby carrot per pig.
How much does each of them weigh? How much has Luna gained and Hazel lost? Are you absolutely positive they're both females? You've turned them both over and compared their private parts? How old are they?

We don't recommend romaine. Although it has no more calcium than other lettuces, some pigs excrete lots of extra calcium when eating it (same with cilantro) and that can contribute to bladder stones. Red or green leafy lettuces are better, but not iceberg -- it's got no nutritional value whatsoever.

If they've over six months old, they need 1/8 cup or pellets per day per pig.

An adult pig can have roughly one cup of veggies per day.
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