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Scratching worried about level of scratching


Cavy Slave
Feb 9, 2012

ive recently noticed my guinea pigs have been scratching but it seems more common than usual...
one is missing fur under its head and a little bit is missing on its tummy near its nipples
the other has no fur missing
i went through their fur and found tiny dark egg like things attatched to their fur near their rumps, there are heaps and they are very tiny
could they be 'Chirodiscoides Caviae' ?

they scratch near their ears etc but i am very concerned
should they have any thing wrong with them, what do i need to do/buy for them? and also, where can i get it? (i live in Australia)

many thanks
It could be. Chirodiscoides caviae is really a mite, but is sometimes called "static lice" because it's barely visible and doesn't move. It can be treated with ivermectin, which can be purchased at feed stores, or online. You'd have to google it to find it in Australia.

But if you're not sure what it is, Revolution is probably the best thing to treat with, as it will (eventually) kill just about any parasite on a pig. It's a prescription medicine in the US, but not in all countries. You could check to see if you can get it over the counter there.
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