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Woodland Getaway - Safety concern


Cavy Slave
Feb 4, 2012
My apologies if this is in the wrong area, or a repeat of something that has been asked previously. I tried searching for an answer, but am probably not searching with the right term/keywords to bring up what I'm looking for.

When shopping for the stuff we'd need for our cavies, my husband bought two of these: (broken link removed). I cannot find anything verifying if these are kiln-dried or not. I am aware of the dangers of pine bedding, metal/nails/etc. in houses/huts, and so on, but for as often as I see these types of houses/huts being used with piggies, I cannot find anything on the safety of them - specifically if bits are ingested as they chew on them.

The same brand/type one size smaller specifically says it's the ideal size for guinea pigs, suggesting use of them for cavies, but I'm not one to trust most pet products on the market without independently verifying safety, and appropriateness for the animal.

As I said, I'm probably searching with the wrong keywords. :eek:

Are these safe to use in spite of being made with pine, or should we return them for a smaller size/refund?

Thank you in advance for your assistance. And again, my apologies if this is in the wrong section/repetitious.
I'm not one to trust most pet products on the market without independently verifying safety, and appropriateness for the animal.

That is a very good mindset as a cavy owner. Far too often inappropriate things are marketed as being designed for cavies when in reality the product can cause lots of harm.

That said, the house in the link is fine. The harmful acid that has been found in pine is an issue in untreated pine shaving where it could easily aerosolize and be inhaled, causing respiratory issues. I don't think that this danger exists with a solid wood product such as the one in the link.
My only concern about it would be that pine splinters very easily. If they nibble it and it starts showing sharp splinters, I'd take it out.
my 2 boys loved this hidey. it wasn't a problem for them, but i've read here often how important it is to have 2 entrance/exits in a hidey, so no pig feels trapped inside if another pig barges in. as for the chewing, the sides are petty thick, and my boys nibbles, but never enough to splinter the wood.
We put them in the cage, and so far they love their new homes. I haven't seen very much chewing at all, but I'll watch for that over time as well as provide apple orchard sticks, tumblers, etc. for them to chew on as well in hopes of distracting them from their homes. Of course, our three new cavies (photos in my profile album) could react differently and decide that chewing on the homes seems like a fabulous idea. I'll have to watch them closely when they arrive (after quarantine, of course).

Thanks for the replies. :)
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