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Cavy Slave
Jan 19, 2012
Okay I got my daugther a guniea pig (apodted off line) and was told it was a male. Well im not so sure on this. I think she is pregant. she was mistreated so at first i thought she was just jumpy when being handeled but she eats a lot and drinks a lot. She doesnt like to have her belly touched and i noticed that she has two (nipples) on her that have no hair around them. but just two. I have no clue if shes pregant or not. any suggestions. I do know the owners had another cavy as well. Not sure if i got lied to or not but just want to know so we can give her a great new home.
Only two nipples are normal, that is what guinea pigs have. They don't have hair on them. Guinea pigs also eat a lot, drink a lot, and poop a lot. What are you feeding him/her? Does she/he get unlimited everything/anything? It is true that she or he might be jumpy because of the mistreatment and not trusting his/her new owners yet.
On the other hand, it is also true that they realized their guinea pig was pregnant and subsequently gave her up. How old is this guinea pig? Unless they are neutered, a male guinea should have quite noticeable testicles. I cannot sex your guinea pig for you, especially without a picture, but there are some helpful links around this site that should offer more help. Also, it sounds like your new guinea should probably visit a cavy savvy vet for a check-up! :eek:ptimist:
Thank you did not know that about the nipples very helpful. There are no noticable testicales that are there. I am thinking that she may be jumpy for that reason. i was told she is around a year. I feed her guinea pig pellets and a mixture of vegies and fruits and hay as well she cleans the bowl and i give her more. it is a med size bowl. I notice when shes out she makes noises low nosies is it because she scared? thats what im thinking. And do you have any suggestions on how to help ease her and let her know we arent going to hurt her. I had cavys when i was a kid a very long time ago but I had them from babies and did not have this problem. If she is just very scared and untrusting I want her to feel safe. I am planning to get her a check up ;).
Hi, and welcome to the forum.

You can check the sex of the pig by reading Sexing Guinea Pigs: How to Sex a Guinea Pig -- more than you ever wanted to know about pig genitalia...

You can see a picture of a pregnant guinea pig at www.guinealynx.info/reproduction.html, or at several recent threads on here with titles something like "my male guinea pig is pregnant."

She may be jumpy because she has mites -- they really don't like to be touched when they've got mites. Is she scratching at all?

You'll have to be patient with her. Keep your hands in her cage a lot -- offering her food, or just standing there. When you pick her up, shoo her into a shoe box that you've cut holes in the end of, then put your hands over the holes and lift her out. Put in your lap and give her yummy treats eat -- the way to a guinea pig's heart is definitely through its stomach!

Read the "read me" sticky on the Diet and Nutrition forum here, and then get back to us with any questions you may have.

Good luck, and congratulations on your new little lady!
Thank-you! I did look up how to sex i'm pretty certian it is female. she hasn't been itching. She will take carrots from us :) she takes it and runs. I'm not sure they really messed with her to much. I know they didn't keep a good clean cage (she came in it) it did have fresh bedding but smelled so i changed it and the bottom was really really nasty i had to soak it to get it to come clean. her nails were very over grown i trimed them as far back as i could. I also looked up a diet. I'm not sure she was fed properly either or if she was that she ate what was in her bowl i had to soak that as well because it had matted poo all over it. I know she needs time but am open to any helpful hints that will ease her into our life as we've only had her a few days and my daugther loves her dearly. she does come to the side of the cage when were by her now and today she apperently has learned when feeding time is because she made nosie as i was getting her food ready. I am hoping that she is able to trust us. She likes to try to get away from us if we pick her up so we've been doing a few mintues a couple times of day. Thank you all for the replys!
A few months ago I also adopted a very shy pig. He is much more social now, but still tends to be a little nervous. I have found that talking to him, sitting near the cage and making him used to me being around has helped the most. When I give him his daily veggies, I always hand feed him a few of his favorites. Socializing a shy pig is no easy task. Take your time, and don't rush anything. Good luck!
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