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Size Wondering about exact measurements between grids.


Cavy Slave
Jun 20, 2012
I am putting together a C&C cage for Joseph. I drew out my plan (below) and ordered my materials...the only info I really need is measurements. I know that it may seem a bit extreme, and way to open of a space, but we have plenty of hiding spots and other stuff to make it a lot cozier. Plus, we are looking finding one or two more buddies for Joe, but I need to have the space first before I commit. I know we are going to love it!

I saw the measurements for the coroplast bases when I was ordering, but there is a significant difference between the dimensions of the base and the cage once it is assembled. I had to order the sheets to accomodate such a large cage and was hoping to go ahead and get a plan together for how to cut them once everything arrives to save a bit of time...and give me something to do while I wait (so impatiently) for delivery. I was hoping someone would be able to help me out by telling me the actual inside measurements of 1, 4, and 5 grids.

I'd appreciate any help or advice! Thanks in advance!

[GuineaPigCages.com] Wondering about exact measurements between grids.
You drawing looks good :) Coroplast usually comes in 4x8 ft sheet. I've found a 5x10 ft sheet, but it's not a standard size. You might have to tape the 4x8 together to make the base.

It would be better to have extras then cut it to size after you measure the space inside the grids.
Man, I wish I had posted here first! I just ordered the sheets off of guineapigzone, so I have 6 - 35"x48" coming. Thanks for the comment about my drawing...I am no artist, I just wanted to get a plan on paper so I could get rocking on it. Joe currently lives in a store bought cage 18"x40", connected by ramp to a 42" diameter play yard. It comes out to about 15 sq.ft. total, but I don't like it at all. Can't wait to get going on this one!!
Just to clarify, the measurements that I am looking for are the ones in red below.[GuineaPigCages.com] Wondering about exact measurements between grids.
So, if you have a 2x4, 2x5, or a 1x2 loft, those are the measurements I am looking for.

Again, I appreciate any help. :cheerful:
one grid measures about 14 inches. so the measurements in red are what you should go by so the bottom level of your cage will equal 56in by 71in. The top should be 14in by 56 in
(broken link removed) Cage Size Standards
# of Pigs
in grids
in grids
1 7.5 sq ftmore is better30" x 36"2x3 grids27" x 41"
2 7.5 sq ft10.5 sq feet 30" x 50"2x4 grids27" x 56"
310.5 sq ft 13 sq feet30" x 62"2x5 grids27" x 71"
4 13 sq ftmore is better30" x 76"2x6 grids27" x 84"

you can find the chart on the home page of this website

Hope this helps!
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