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Conditions Wobbling, weak movements before death


New Member
Cavy Gazer
Jul 22, 2022

So a few months ago I had rescued a guinea pig who was malnourished and had issues being touched on his lower back. After a while he started getting better, started trusting me and all around being the sweetest boy.

We didn't know his age but he was an adult. One night, almost a month after I brought him home, he was sleeping and I put some kale in his cage which usually gets him to wake up and eat. This time, he didn't wake up, and I had nudged him awake. He wobbly walked over to his bowl, tripping in the process, and making this really faint whine noise. He ate a little, and when I woke up the next morning he had passed.

So obviously he's not alive but I wanted to know what could have caused this. I have two new baby guinea pigs now and fear something might happen similarly.


Ps. He had no issues prior to that night other than the sensitive lower back.
With a good and proper diet, your pig should be fine. It was likely scurvy (lack of Vit C) from poor diet:

Symptoms include lethargy and unwillingness to move, painful joints, poor condition, weight loss, dental issues, bruising or hemorrhage, diarrhea, and a rough coat or alopecia
I think being wobbly before death is common in small critters. I had 2 hamsters act like that before dying (old age and the other was possibly a cardiac issue), and my guinea pig Chico did that before he died at the ER.
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