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Shavings Will they mind?


Cavy Slave
Jan 29, 2012
Im thinking about switching to woodshavings ( dust extracted) , because keeping fleece smell nice is hard!
So my question- will my two pigs find it comfortable , and will it harm them in any way??? I have pets at home 'Small woodshavings' brand
My girls are on PAH shavings (I'm thinking of changing to fleece) and they don't mind it. I just find them annoying because they make so much mess. I'm finding shavings all over the house!
The only issue for some pigs is that shavings can dry out the skin, making it fragile & more sensitive to skin disorders, diseases & parasites. Pigs with sensitive feet, or those who are prone to bumbefoot might also have issues with shavings.

Should this be an issue with your pigs, there are other options like Carefresh/Megazorb, yesterdays news/paper pellets, and wood pellets for stoves without accelerants. (Usually best with odor control, cheap, but heavy.) Another option is to have a kitchen area with disposable bedding as pigs tend to their business where the hay is, and keep the fleece in the rest of the cage.
Update on the wood pellets. One of the biggest manufacturers of wood pellets has stopped selling to the residential market. I can no longer find wood pellets, whether stove pellets or horse bedding, that are not undried pine. So I'm back on fleece, getting ready to try aspen shavings, and am very unhappy about it all.

If the wood pellets that anyone is using smell like pine, please get your pigs off immediately. I accidentally put mine on them -- I changed their cage and used a new kind of pellets. But I had a horrible cold and sinus infection, and couldn't smell a thing. It wasn't until a week later that I realized that I could smell pine coming from the cage, and the pigs' feet were both red.

I keep looking for either hardwood or dried pine pellets, but haven't come up with anything yet.
Will sawdust extracted shavings still cause illness/Respiratory problems for the pigs if i use it ?
Ah, so bad news, bpatters! Didn't try the wood pellets yet, but intended to. We're on carefresh right now (the original, not colored one) and it's incredible how long the lack of smell lasts! Too expensive though, so back to aspen shavings or we'll try the fleece. Weren't you on the fleece though, bpatters?
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