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Rabbits Will they ever be together?


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Jul 30, 2011
My two male bunnies, Skippy & Snicker, and due to be neutered next weekend. Even with me paying the neutering expenses, my mom still doesn't think they can be together ever. They are both very mellow and sweet lop-eared bunnies, and love attention. I am thinking of housing them together in a huge 3 x 8 cage in my bedroom, so they get the maximum space. One of them, Snicker, recently went through puberty, and still occasionally sprays on me whenever I let him out for floor time and he needs to go back into his cage. Skippy is about a year and a half, and is pretty mellow. Both are litter trained, but produce ALOT of droppings and smell unbearably, which makes me have to change them every two days. Even if they will not be able to live in the same cage, it'd be nice if they could socialize together. Does anyone have any post before and after neutering to dos and donts? I really want the best for my bunnies and am giving up a new computer for their welfare. :) Thank You!
- sigh - I made a presentation for the neutering :)
I don't know a thing about bunnies, so I can't help you there. But good luck! lol
Yes! Bunnies can be together, esp if they have been neutered. There is a protocol for introductions, just like for guinea pigs. Go the this site, you can find everything there: House Rabbit Information and Care - BinkyBunny.com I have successfully introduced bunnies! Good luck!
My dad is on board with me, as he especially likes the no more smell deal ( as neutered bunnies produce less waste ) and he has to put up with it sometimes at night. I have yet to show my presentation to my mom, but I don't think it will take much to persuade her (as long as its not another pet) :p
Males can get along together just fine! I had a very bonded pair for males. They snuggled, slept together, played together and groomed one another. Read up on introducing them. It is a lot different than guinea pigs. The biggest difference is rabbits often need many "dates" before they will live peacefully together.

Here is the House Rabbit Society's link with lots of additional articles to the right of the page: FAQ: Bonding Multiple Rabbits
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