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General Will my guinea pig be ok, being left alone for 2 nights?


Cavy Slave
Aug 6, 2017
Hi everyone, I am currently very worried about my guinea pig Coco.
First of all, I know it's not ideal to have just one single guinea pig. His cage mate died a short while ago, we're looking at getting him a new buddy very soon!

I used to take care of him 24/7, but then when I went to college and moved out I couldn't take him with me so my mom took care of him. It was okay though because I still had the house key and didn't live far away so I could visit often and come over whenever he needed anything (like when my mom was going on a trip.)
Just recently my mom has moved to the other side of the country, and taken Coco with her. Just today she told me she's on a TWO NIGHT trip with her boyfriend and has left Coco all alone :( I'm so so so upset I've been crying and worried all day. She said she filled his water bottle up all the way (about 500ml), and left him lots of hay.

I'm just very worried about the water not being enough. Do any of you have experience with this? I'm worried sick that the water will have run out by now because they left like 30 hours ago and they're not coming back until tomorrow afternoon (like 17 hours from now). I don't have the house key to their house and apparently they have no one that they can ask to check on him while they're gone. Is 500ml enough for 1 guinea pig for 2 nights? He is a big drinker + I'm pretty sure the water bottle does leak a little. He is 7 years old and he's also not getting his painkillers & foot cream while they're gone even though he's supposed to be getting those daily. Like I said I'm worried sick so I'm wondering if any of you have had experiences like this, and was the guinea pig okay in the end?
Hi, I'm so sorry you are going through this stressful time worrying about Coco. I've never left my guinea pig without someone to check on them. However, I've read on numerous websites that other people have gone away for the weekend with no one to check on their guinea pigs. They prepared for it by putting in new bedding, extra water bottle(s), and tons of hay.

I am concerned that Coco is not receiving his painkillers & foot cream. But there is nothing you can do at this point.

The cage will be very dirty when your mom returns. What kind of bedding is in Coco's cage?

Overall I think Coco should be OK when your mom returns. I hope your mom finds someone to take care of Coco when she goes away for future trips. Many rescues provide boarding services. My local independent pet store boards small animals and my piggies have stayed their multiple times. I've also occasionally found listings on Craigslist for small animal pet sitters. Lastly, is there a neighbor or friend that can help out with Coco's care when your mom travels.

Please let us know how Coco is after your mom returns.
I understand how stressed and worried you are, especially since Coco needs daily medical care.

I have left my single guinea pig for two nights when we went on a short trip. We were 3 hours away, and had a camera set up to monitor. I had two water bottles and two pellet cups plus a lot of hay, and my guinea pig did not have a medical condition that required daily care.

Everything was fine with her when returned. She still had plenty of food and water, and just needed a good cage cleaning and some extra attention.

I have had a few single pigs and they did quite well with no signs of being lonely.

I’m hoping all is well when your mom returns. In the future she should have a plan for someone to check on Coco, or plan trips when you have a break from school so you can be there.

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