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C&C Will I have to start taking over?


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May 11, 2016
I have just recently adopted two female piggies Sugar and Spice, and they unfortunately came with a pet store cage. A small one at that. I would have had the 2x3 grid C&C already set up but their previous owner said they needed the duo gone ASAP so I went ahead and took them in. However I have already started taming and am concerned about having to start over because the new cage will be a new possibly scary environment? Also just to double check will this cage be suitable enough? It is the small covered C&C cage from guinea pig cages store.

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Yes, they may be nervous, but they will adapt to it and be glad that you made them a bigger cage. I cannot really recommend if they would get nervous or not, because I do not know your guinea pigs personality. I recently made a huge 9x9 cage for my 4 pigs (there is a divider in the middle) I trained them to come when called by using a command. They still remember their training, despite being nervous. I just used positive reinforcement (carrots, lettuce) and held it at the edge of their cage, so that if they wanted to get a treat, they would come out to get it. I would wheek like a guinea pig to call them, and sure enough, they came out of their hideys, curious what I had, and I gave the treat to them.
The 2x3 grid cage is about 7.5 square feet according to the product info. It is large enough for 2 but pretty much the minimum size. If you use fleece forests or drap some fleece over the corners for hiding places that will free up some floor space. And make sure you have two of everything, such as two hideys with two openings so no one can get cornered, two piles of hay so one can’t keep the other from food.

They will be cautious of the new cage, but don’t let that stop you from getting them the space they need. They will be much happier and healthier in a larger cage.
I actually decided to go for a little bigger of a cage. 8 sq ft I believe. I will definitely make sure I have two of everything just to be on the safe side.

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