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Fleece Will any fleece do?


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Jan 17, 2012
I'm looking at these:

(broken link removed)

They look like the generic fleece blankets I can find at stores around here, but the price is better. Do you think they would work?
those fleeces look fine (and very pretty!), I'm sure they'll work perfectly after a few washes.
Thanks :) I'm off today and a very impatient person once I get an idea in my head, so I'm heading out to three local resale shops to see if they have any available. If I can get them for roughly the same price, I'll just grab those as they've probably been washed already, so I'll just wash them once and give it a go :)

By the way, is it necessary to cut the fleece/uhaul pads to fit or can you strategically fold them? In your opinion?
I just fold my fleece over the towels that way it stays in place better. :)
I personally just fold my fleece over the cage, i dont think it matters really, as long as there is only one layer of fleece on the bottom.
I personally just fold my fleece over the cage, i dont think it matters really, as long as there is only one layer of fleece on the bottom.

On the bottom? I thought the fleece went on the top, with the absorbent layers on the bottom?

I made a haul at the resale shops and got several blankets. Two of them are particularly plush, and the others are more thin and a bit cheaper feeling. Would you double up the cheaper blankets or just do a single layer of all of them? Most of them are in the wash now. I assume I'm to wash and then dry and repeat both 2-4 times, instead of cheating and just washing 2-4 times and then drying once?

Also, is it necessary to wash brand new U-haul pads if I'm not worried about shrinkage? I'm planning on folding them to fit, with the thicker areas under the hay bins.
As long as the fleece is 100% polyester I think it is fine. I recall recommendations of anti-pill fleece, which I use exclusively, but I don't recall the reasoning.

You only want a single layer of fleece, and it should be the surface layer. I wash, dry, repeat 3 times for my fleece prior to using it. You don't need to wash the uhaul pads if you aren't concerned about shrinkage. They shed a ton, so make sure your lint guard is clear.
I just meant on the bottom of the cage, where the pigs will be.
You can use uhaul pads right away if you're not worried about shrinkage. For fleece to work, you'll only need one layer on top of the uhaul. If you have too many layers of fleece, it will not allow the liquid to drain through to the uhaul pad.

Fleece are not created equal. I wouldn't buy the plush fleece, in my experience, they don't wick.
Makes sense I guess, that if it's too thick it won't do the job right. I'll just have to use them myself :) Thank you all for your help, and I'll be sure to post photos when it's all set up tonight.
Ta-da! They have gone from this
Will any fleece do?


Will any fleece do?

And here is what they think about it:
[video=youtube;WWixulB3Af4] DOEgsToPDskJMMmncnC9r48KwHcHpqc1o[/video]
Bogart had already popcorned himself out at this point.

And one last one of Bogart being silly :)
Cute! It looks alot nicer! It shouldn't take them long to get used to it! Awesome job!
That looks really good! I like the stripes!

I used to fold my fleece over the towels, but it was a hassle having to shake all that mess out, so I started just draping it over the coroplast and binder clipping it. Works great, all the hay/poop is contained in one easy to shake piece of fleece.
Looks great! I folded the uhaul pad the first time, but I had an issue with the uneven areas (me not the piggy). I have since washed and cut the uhaul pads. It makes washing easier and drying a bit faster. If you decide to cut the pads...they shrink!!! Wash before you cut and watch out for the lint!
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