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Mounting Why is one of my female guinea pigs keep chasing after another female?


Cavy Slave
Jul 11, 2022
They've been living together for 2 months, and I believe they've formed a bond. However, the older piggy would sometimes chase after the younger one, and it looked like she is trying to either put her head over the other's hip or mount the other. I treated such behavior as if they were having small arguments, until today when they kept doing it for hours. I am sincerely worried if they are actually fighting or if the older one was bullying the younger one.

Should I stop them?
The older one is probably in heat, which usually last 1 to 2 days and happens every 2 to 3 weeks.

Mounting behaviour is very normal, even for girls. You might notice the other piggie peeing on the pig trying to mount her, also a very normal behaviour for girl pigs. They shoot pee to keep the other pig away from them.

Guinea pigs in heat may show this dominant behaviour, but they don’t always turn into grumpy noisy pigs every time they go into heat.

As long as there are no proper fights, leave them be, they will figure it out.

(If the behaviour lasts longer than a couple of days or is so extreme none of the pigs get any rest, it may be a sign of ovarian cysts or other hormonal upheaval and would need looking into)
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