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Chat Why Guinea Pigs Do Something With Their Leg?


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May 31, 2015
Hey, I'm a pretty new Guinea Pig owner (only owned them for about 6 months) and I noticed that if I pet their back side (next to their leg) their start to twitch it and squeak or pur. I don't know why or if it hurts them or they enjoy it or what? Please help with this.
It could also mean the pig has mites.
@thePIGgieAlchemist @foggycreekcavy thank you. I don't think they have mites, so it must be a place they don't like. Thanks for the input
Most cavies don't really like their back sides pet. Probably something to do with the fact that they generally don't see your hand coming from that angle. That's my guess, anyway.
Thanks @Dashmo I will be sure not to pet them that way:eek:
@foggycreekcavy thank you. I don't think they have mites, so it must be a place they don't like. Thanks for the input

I wouldn't rule out the possibility of mites. They are easily treated and in most cases treating as a precaution will not hurt the pigs.
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How would I know if they are mites! @CavyMama
With mites, there might be excessive scratching, possible hair loss, squeeling as in pain when touched.
I haven't seen my guinea pigs experience these symptoms. @CavyMama
When my guinea pig had mites, I noticed it in the beginning stages before hair loss or squeeling in pain. My pig was scratching quite a bit and had become very moody. If I went to pick her up, she would click at me and rumblestrut (and usually she was so friendly). If I ever touched near the back of her body or legs, she would kick her legs around and jump away from me. She also started picking fights with the other guinea pigs. I treated them all for mites (it's very cheap to do so - only about $20 when buying on Amazon) and now they are all content and happy.
The only time she kicks her legs around now is if I grab her foot (she absolutely hates nail trimmings) lol
I dont think they have mites because they have been doing this leg kicking when I touch near their bum and they were very well taken care of where they used to live at the rescue. Maybe it's just a place they don't like to be touched.
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