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Behavior Why doesn't he leave his 'kitchen'?


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Dec 12, 2011
I adopted a guinea pig about a month ago and my husband and I were finally able to make him a C & C cage over the weekend.

We had 65grids to play around with, but we are potentially moving in a few months, so we didn't want to buy new Coroplast - we had some left from building levels in our hamster cages. Before we move our furniture into wherever we move to we are going to bring a new piece of Coroplast and make a base for at least a 2 x 5. We aren't going to try and adopt another piggie right now, because we had a trial period with another male, and it didn't end well at all, so we aren't going to try again until after we move and can have a bigger cage.

We had just enough to build him a 2 x 3 with a 1 x 1 kitchen area off the side.

His kitchen is a cat box full of Boxo bedding and timothy hay - he also has a hay rack with clean hay so he doesn't have to eat the hay he pees on. My husband and I have noticed that he doesn't really like leaving the cat box and he just lays down and eats his hay/pellets/veggies. There were a couple of poops around the cage when we woke up this morning, but the majority of them were in the box. We thought maybe he doesn't like to jump in and out of it, but he seems to do it without a problem.

Will he eventually get used to the fact that he has more space than he had in the store bought cage (which is now home to all of our guinea pig and hamster supplies) or is this normal for a guinea pig?

He has things to do in there and the entire 2x3 is pretty much open except for the support grid we used for the lid - but even that has an opening cut into it so he can go through it.

I don't want him to be unhappy and never really leave the box because it was intended to be the place he eats and drinks so it is basically the size of one grid.

Is there anything we can do to encourage him to venture more around the cage? I will put some pictures of the cage up in a few hours of his cage to an idea of how it is set up.
Hey Dudleydoo, I have a 2x3 cage too, and for her 'kitchen' area it is 1x2 and the other part is sleep/play area. Anyways, I would get rid of the box, because that's not a lot of room for food/water/hay/vegetables. I would also spread out the kitchen and try to get some one on one time with him so he feels more comfortable with you and his environment around him. And another question, does he have a hide box of some sort? Because that would probably help this issue.

Good luck with him!:)
I've had good luck with placing our girls fresh veggies in one corner. They have learned to wait for the yummy stuff there when I open the fridge. So my suggestion is just give him time and try to lure him out by veggies. Remember it takes a while... it took Eleanor 7 months to learn to wait for veggies in the veggie corner.
We don't want to get rid of the box to make things a little neater and easier to deal with for cleaning, so we are probably going to try and start giving him his veggies in another corner of the cage.

He has a plastic hidey house that is in the corner against the wall so that cats can't bother him and he can feel safe. It just amazes me that he would prefer to stay in the kitchen, the cats constantly sit there and stare at him when he is in there.
Pictures as promised:

The first one is his kitchen area and the second one is just an overview of the cage. Don't mind the cat, she likes to watch him and the fan and light that were on top of the cage are no longer there. He has a small pellet bowl because he kept sitting in his bowl and going to the bathroom so it was getting too messy and wasting the pellets. He only gets 1/8cup a day, so that is why it is empty at the moment.

We gave him his veggies tonight in the corner and he seems to be getting out of the box more often so far.


IMG_0659.jpg IMG_0656.jpg
Maybe he prefers regular bedding rather than fleece?
It's a possibility, he has been on fleece since we got him, he seems to be running around a lot more tonight though, so I think he just had to get used to the fact that he had more space.
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