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Want a Guinea Pig(s) Why did you choose to be the parent of a Pig?


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Apr 19, 2012
Just curious. What made you choose a Guinea Pig? What other animals do you have?
I don't like animals that are predatory, so I started looking at rodents.I mean, cats and dogs are cute, but I've have some bad memories of them. Things get into your yard and dogs want to protect their territory. Cats play with things before killing them. I don't think I could handle one of my pets killing something else. We had a lot of cats growing up and none of them were nice, either.

I think guinea pigs appealed to me because I found out how easy it was to build a C&C cage, and they're obviously very cute and fat. I got two more because I like all the silly things they do. 3/4 of my pigs are sweet and cuddly, but even the anti-social one is hilarious to watch.

I may get rats in the future. My husband wants a bird. Or we may just cave whenever we are ready for new pets, and stick with pigs!
I love your story! My girls happen to be in the living room. When I see them wheeking and popcorning, playing tag around their boxes I can't help but laugh and giggle.
I got guinea pigs because after I got my hamster dalila ( rest in peace darling) I wanted another small pet 2 take care of so I conviced my parents to let me have guinea pigs. at first I didn't know much more than what the petstore told me but now I have a big 2x5 c and c for 2 sows the get unlimited hay,healthy pellets and of course veggies! I love my girls and never want to be without guinea pigs!
I'd wanted another pet (or two), I already had a dog, but he's a huge lab, so I wanted an animal I could cuddle with. I had researched and thought about all sorts of animals, rats, sugar gliders, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, I even thought about a cat for a while, until I remembered that a cat would not get along with my dog. I ruled them out for different reasons, not cuddly enough, way to expensive starting cost, would creep my family out... Until I finally settled on either a rabbit or a guinea pig.

After much, much researching, I decided on a guinea pig because I read rabbits hated to be picked up. And for some reason, that really decided it. I didn't really understand how you could own a rabbit without picking it up. Someone should have told me guinea pigs hate being picked up even more. Oh well. I chose guinea pigs and I never looked back.
Oh may, so many years ago now. It was August 2008 I believe. I was working at PetSmart (I quit years ago) when a very cute male guinea pig came in. He was being bullied by his brothers. So I bought him and took him home, small cage, crappy food and all. A few months later I was told about a male that had come back with a broken leg, had surgery but was not sell able so was up for adoption. I took said "male" home to find out that he was a she. A month later I bought another female to keep with her. The Male (Pickles) was to be neutered in June 2009. Sadly I had someone pig sitting she put all three in the same area. The "male" who was a girl, got pregnant. This all happened right around the time I first joined GPC. I was also fostering for a local rescue. I rehomed Pickles before the babies where born. There was three babies, 1 male and 2 females. I rehomed the male to my sister and kept the 2 girls.

Sadly I had to take back the baby male (Mojo). 2 years ago I rehomed one of the baby girls to a friend of mine who was way to in love with her and the female I bought to keep mama pig company. Last Dec the last baby girl and mama pig both passed away. The baby (2.5 yrs at that point) died of unknown issues. Mama pig died of the stress (4.5yrs).

I still have Mojo as well as 3 other boars.

This is how I became a guinea pig slave. I also have a cat and a turtle. I love all animals but am only allowed certain types and breeds in my rental home. Small breed dogs, cats, fish tanks, birds and small caged pets are okay. You are allowed one cat or one dog if you pay for the pet deposit. Any tank over 30gals also has to have a pet deposit. I can not have birds because my dad is highly allergic to them and I like it when he visits. We got a turtle because my husband always wanted one. She is a cute thing and is not a pet I would suggest to anyone who doesn't like doing 50% changes of the tanks water (50 gallons at a time since she has a 100 gallon tank). In the past I have had pet mice, and some day I plan on having some again.
Oddly, I just fell in love with guinea pigs in November when I went with my sister in law to buy (before we knew better) one for our niece. He is the cutest little fur ball and I started my research. When I read that they barely bite (which was my biggest concern because I had a nasty hamster as a teenager) I was hooked. I love their little wheeking noises and their chubby little bodies and those sweet little mouths. I'm glad I didn't know then how much they poop or that they would constantly think I'm going to eat them...these may have kept me from adopting our two very sweet handsome little boys.

As a bonus, holding and caring for my piggies gives me a peaceful calm break from my super anxious personality.
As a bonus, holding and caring for my piggies gives me a peaceful calm break from my super anxious personality.

I can relate somewhat to this, though I have different problems I think. I have serious social anxiety and other embarrassing issues. Guinea pigs are quite therapeutic!

As soon as I wake up, I have guinea pigs peering out their cage on their hind legs, wheeking. I know they just want pellets, but it is still a great thing to wake up to. Gives me a happy "oomf" to start my day!
I love all animals. When I turned 17 (almost 6 years ago) I decided I wanted a Guinea Pig. I went to a local pet store and picked out Elvis. I knew absolutely nothing about GPs so he was in a pet store cage for about a year before I found this website and made him a C&C. I also decided to get him a friend and adopted Bella from the Humane Society (he was a male... the people that had him thought he was a girl, but I didn't change his name because I thought it fit him). Unfortunately the two never did get along and Bella ended up needing stitches after one of their brawls. Elvis died January 2011 and Bella died August 2011. About 2 weeks after Bella passed away, Frank and Charlie (named Butterscotch and Brownie by the shelter) showed up at the humane society. One look at them and I new I had to adopt them. I went and got them and made them a C&C within about 3 hours of having them home. George showed up at the shelter in January 2012 and I went and got the little booger.

I don't know what led me to get Guinea Pigs, I just love animals. Currently I have 7 dogs, 3 hamsters, and 3 Guinea Pigs so my house is very much a zoo, but I wouldn't change a thing.

And as far as dogs being predatory... sure some are, but out of my 7 (all hounds or hound mixes) the only critters to perish around here have been insects. :eek:ptimist:
@MissJean - I too, experience extreme social anxiety but mainly suffer from OCPD. They're a healthy obsession...I've decided :)
About ten years ago my daughter's elementary school class had a pet guinea pig named Fudge. We would occasionally bring Fudge home for weekend visits. We were fascinated with the noises he made and just how sweet he was!

When my daughter turned 15 last year, she began to volunteer at an animal rescue center that rescues all types of animals. When they received a guinea pig she fell in love. We agreed to let her adopt him but really didn't know too much about guinea pigs. Luckily we found this site right after we got him so we learned many things we needed to know.

We recently adopted a little friend for our pig from a lady that runs a rescue and watching the two of them together is hilarious. The older guy is like - whatever. He just sits and watches the little guy. Little guy is non-stop energy and craziness.

We also have a little Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix dog that loves the pigs. They only interact through bars or when I'm holding a pig but they get along great. Well the little guy is still scared of the dog but the older guy loves him.

I also decided to get him a friend and adopted Bella from the Humane Society (he was a male... the people that had him thought he was a girl, but I didn't change his name because I thought it fit him)

That is SO funny because the same thing happened to us...and our pig's name is Bella! We eventually did change it to Fella so he wouldn't get his feelings hurt. :)
We got guinea pigs because 1: My daughter is on the Autism spectrum. They have helped her with the empathy thing. 2: I'm an animal person in general. I love furry creatures 3: My husband is dreadfully allergic to cats, dogs, and rabbits, and possibly other critters, but he is NOT allergic to piggies.

Piggies have the cuddle factor, the personality factor, and the companionship factor we want in a pet, without the allergy factor.
We (meaning @unaspirateur and I) took in Quee from a friend whose family was moving out of state. It would have been a lot of hassle for them to take her with them, and one of their kids was allergic anyway. She came in a pretty large pet store cage (probably about a 2x1.5 in terms of C&C) and a bunch of hay and pellets and Carefresh bedding. She was about 4 years old when we got her, and had spent most of that time relatively alone in a bedroom, so naturally she was quite shy, and still is. But her old family took care of her...they weren't neglectful or anything; they just didn't play with her a whole lot.

When we brought Quee home, we did some online research about how to take care of our new pig, and it led us here. After some self-education, we decided to build a C&C cage and get Quee a roommate. We got a 2x4 C&C kit from this site with a 2x1 loft and ramp. After spending a few days searching shelter and rescue sites, Petfinder, etc. we couldn't find a pig for adoption within the same state, so we took a trip to Petsmart. This was obviously before we knew any better...but honestly, so far it's turned out for the best. They had four little young guinea pigs in the display cage. Not ideal conditions, but they looked content with their pigloos and piles of hay. We immediately fell in love with the most active-looking one, an agile little multicolored piggie that we ended up taking home, and we named her Kwee. Long story short, Kwee and Quee got along great the first time we introduced them, and they've been just about inseparable ever since.
i just love animals i have 5 dogs 1 fish 4 guinea pigs 7 horses 2 bulls and 45 cows
but most of all i love my horses and my dogs then my guinea pigs i love watching them playing around (guinea pigs of course) haha
I have no idea why I wanted Guinea pigs. I guess I liked the noises they made. I started looking around, sometimes someone wil return one to the petstore near me. One day at work, a coworker was saying how hard it was to find someone to take her pig, that her daughter was allergic. That was Daisy, and after her I adopted Amber, Daphne, and Sweet Pea. Now i have Bob and Tom, too. Oh, and since piggies can't be alone, then neither should the rabbit, Calvin, also rehomed from a coworker, so we added Ivy and Holly. This is in addition to the 10 cats and 1 big dog running around here. One big, happy, shedding family, LOL.
Loving the stories.

My daughters class has a guinea pig that we brought home several times, the longest being in Dec. for Christmas break. I began to read about them before we brought him home for the long 2 weeks, and discovered they needed hay and veggies etc.. (still not having yet found out about proper cage sizes). We all fell in love with Buddy at that time, and my daughter really wanted a pet.

I was thinking about buying her one from a pet store (yikes!) when a little girl in her class announced she was giving away her 2 guinea pigs, and I thought perfect!! So yeah we got those two and fell in love. They aren't the most active critters but we really love guinea pigs (who knew that could happen?) and will adopt in the future. We have made sure that our two are in a proper size cage and even gifted a proper size cage to Buddy the class pig. We also share veggies with him Mon-Fri and our KMS hay lol.
I honestly have NO IDEA why I wanted a pig. In fact, it's funny, because I asked myself this question just the other day lol.
well my mom bought the all the grand kids a piggie. for easter.. she wanted to get them a heg hog. but I said piggies are better. :) So are othere pets are a dog, cat and we are down to one rattie..:( all are other rattie have passed on.. we had 4. opp's 5 started off with 4 and then one pasted and we got a new one to bring them back up to 4 .
I didn't choose a guinea pig, a guinea pig chose me lol

But I chose to keep him. Mostly b/c I couldn't bear to think of him finding himself out in the wild again. The cuteness didn't hurt. Then I got him a friend b/c he seemed lonely. This forum helped me too. I don't have some amazing story or saga for why (except for the part where he chose me) They do make me pretty happy though. And when I'm upset and feel like I'm worthless (we all have our issues, right?) I find myself gravitating to their cage, just wanting to watch them and get lost in their world for a few minutes. They've kind of become my happy place :)
I have absolutely loved reading all of these stories! Not that I have just spent the past couple of hours reading all of the posts on here while I am supposed to be studying for finals week next week:D Oh how I wish I would have found this site a week later so I could focus LOL.

But I just got my piggies a week ago! I have been researching and wanting some guinea pigs for a couple of months before I adopted. I had rats growing up and they were great little things. I had three female rats that I was especially close to and they would free roam around my room and had a ramp going up to their bird cage that was altered to be a rat cage at night time. They were such awesome pets! Well I moved to Ohio about 4 years ago and decided to get some more rats. I got a hairless guy and this was NOT the experience that I had had with my 6 rats in the past. He would bite any time you went near the cage. I would feed him, give him treats, let him roam, then he started biting. Out of no where! I went to get him neutered and the vet said that he had a tumor and unfortunately did not make it. His friend also had a biting issue. So I went on a rodent free hiatus for 3 years and then decided that I really needed some rodents in my life! I loved that they would just run around while I worked on some papers or watched TV, and of course how cute they are when they eat their veggies! After months of researching, I found that guinea pigs rarely ever bite (sold me right there!!) and seemed like cuddlier animals than my ratties were. I also loved their size! I love that they are bigger than other rodents, makes them even cuter lol So, I now have two 3 month old guinea pigs who are still adjusting and I know it will take time, but the feeling of them sitting on my lap just chilling is so calming! I can't wait until they get even more used to me. I couldn't be happier finally finding that guinea pigs were the right rodent for me :)

On top of that, I have 2 English Bulldogs, who are very special to me!
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