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Why are "treat sticks" so bad?

Emily F.

Well-known Member
Cavy Slave
Jun 26, 2004
The title says it all. I'm just curious to see why some people think they are bad.
Unnecessary sugars, fats, seeds...etc.
Most contain nuts and seeds, which are fatty and a chocking hazard. They also are held together sometimes by a peanut butter and that is unhealthy.
They seem to enjoy them, whats to hurt every now and then?
They are generally full of millet, sunflower seeds and often peanuts. Guinea pigs just don't need that amount of fat or protein in their diet. I would liken it to a human licking a lump of lard every now and then throughout the day "as a treat". Just because they like it doesn't mean it's good for them!
I guess its like us eating MacDonalds every now and then, not good for you...but yummy.
Teen and adult humans have a better ability to make the choice between what is good for us and what is bad for us. Animals don't have that same ability. If you give piggies things that may not be good for them, they will eat it because it tastes good. They don't sit there and rationalize whether it's good for them or not, they just eat it if they like it. That's why we as slaves, make the choices for them. I know that I would rather give my pigs foods and treats that are healthy for them vs. giving them foods and treats that might cause them to get overweight or cause them to choke. I wouldn't want to see my pig choke to death because I gave them something they didn't need to begin with.
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