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Adopting Why Are There Always More Boars?


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Mar 28, 2021
I was just wondering, why are there always so many Male guinea pigs in the shelter? (I’m not adopting, but I’ve just wondered this for a long time.) There are rarely any girls at my animal shelter. (A while ago I spent months looking for a girl to adopt and I only encountered males.) For example at my local shelter there are six boars and only one sow. Is it their temperament?

is it like this at your local animal shelter as well?
Why Are There Always More Boars?

Hard to say for sure. I have had 5 boys total (all within less than a year...). My first boys were the only ones at the shelter. The second pair was abandoned. When I adopted the fifth, after one of the abandoned pair died, he was one of MANY at the gpig rescue at the time. However the pet store where I work, apparently is one of the few in the area selling males.

Who knows? The stink (mine don't smell but apparently boys do)? The inability to get along as easy as girls? The need to keep in only a pair and nothing else?
I have two girls so I don’t really know, but I’ve fostered males. In my opinion they don’t smell worse then females. Many it is their attitudes. ��
Could be behavior related, considering boars bicker more and many people get small cages. One of my pairs gets along quite well and never fight. My other pair is always bickering (verbally). In a small space, boars probably stink faster.
I adopted two piggies from a local SPCA and the girls were adopted much quicker. I was checking every day as the girls got adopted very fast and only boys remained. Same with CraigsList, where my original two were rehomed from. There are always more boy piggies available and they stayed listed for a longer period of time.

All mine were/are girls because I am a wimp and do not want to clean the anal sac. If not for the anal sac cleaning, I would like to try a pair of boars next time around. I also don't have much space although I have a 2x5 C&C, which would be suitable for a pair of boys. The cage takes up an entire living room wall and I'm only able to fit in a love seat for myself. I read somewhere that boars are friendlier to humans but don't know if that is true.
I’ve fostered males and I don’t know if it was just the piggies that I fostered, but I found boars to be braver and friendlier then my two females. On the other hand, they do smell a bit, and tend to be feisty. In fact, I would have chosen males over females if I had known how friendly they were! lol
Do boys _really_ smell? I don't notice my 4 unless the fleece needs changing or they used the hay as a toilet. I spend my day about 1.5 feet away from their cages.
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