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Skin Problems White patch above the eye... Help Please!!


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May 16, 2010
Hello, I received Hamilton a few months ago, and I had him checked out by the vet, quarantined from Felix for a couple weeks and all was well. The two have been getting along aside from the occasional chatter but that is all it ever amounts to.

Anyway, I have just noticed this white patch above Hamilton's eye, it looks like the hair is thinning, and the skin is flaking. I do not think that it is something Felix did during some display of dominance seeing as how they get along well and I don't ever see them really fighting. Hamilton has not been scratching a whole lot, and his skin is not flaky anywhere else. When I try to look at the spot Hamilton does not seem affected when I touch it (aside from being afraid of people due to his rough history) so I don't think he is in pain. I could be wrong but I don't think it is mites. I have no idea of his previous health history, so I am extra worried. [GuineaPigCages.com] White patch above the eye... Help Please!! <--Good picture of the spot.

I have not been to the vet seeing as how I just noticed this patch late last night. I don't want this to turn into something terrible so if anyone has any advice, previous experience, help or anything they can offer I would be greatly appreciative.
Thank you very much for your suggestion. That sounds like what he has going on. I am separating the boys today. What other precautions should I take? I've cleaned everything really well like it says on the page.
Just watch them all very carefully -- fungus is really contagious. Check all your pigs over frequently for the next few weeks so you can catch any other new lesions at a very early stage.
I really appreciate your help. Thank you so much.
Hi. Yes. Please does anyone know what this is? My little Baby Boy Butterfly has the exact same thing going on. I kinda noticed it when we got him, I thought maybe the older ones got him in the cage from where we got him at. We brought him home at 5 weeks and is now almost 9 weeks old. he still has the spot it don't seem to bother him. He is just as active as his brother and eats and drinks fine and runs and plays all day. Should I be concerned and what can I do for it. Cannot afford a vet bill yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The picture they
showed is exactly what mine looks like to. Glad to know mine isn't the only one! help please
Butterfly is counting on you!!

Thank you - Candi
There's a link in post #2 that tells you what to do for him. But if it doesn't improve very quickly, you need to see a vet.
Well, I took my boys to the vet thursday to have their nails trimmed and I lucked out and got an appointment yesterday (friday). So I took him in, they took some scrapings, and an impression of the affected area (turns out there were two areas, one on his belly that I did not know about). The vet looked at these under the microscope and said that they looked like bacterial cells. I was given an antibiotic to administer for 10 days, and they also did a fungal culture that they are going to call me back with in a few days. I really appreciate your help with this, just thought an update was in order.
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