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Coroplast Which color?!!!


Cavy Slave
Apr 18, 2012
Hey guys!! Came back for some more great advice! So ima buy my pigs some coroplast and i was wondering which color to get. I thought i liked clear but idk. I linda like the idea of white. What do you guys use? Which would look the best eithout grids. (long story). Im just making a coroplast cage. I saw piggie pig pigs do it on u tube so ya. Thank you guys and i hope you are having a blessed monday!!
Maybe something that matches the rug/floor color.
Mine is black because that's the only color my sign store had when I needed it. I've never seen clear. Is it really clear or just that milk-jug plastic color? I'll be interested to see what a coroplast only cage looks like.
I have white coroplast. It look snice in the cage :p and i think that is what color piggiepigpigs has for her cage, it looks nice to me :)
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They can see color, so I orginally chose light blue for my first cage. I also mis-match colors of fleece and accessories. Perhaps they like having a variety of patterns and colors for stimulation? I don't know.

I dislike dark colors, seems too gloomy. Yellows,lighter greens, and lighter blues are happy colors.
I chose white because It's all they had at the store! I taped it together with duct tape, and I used white grids.
Piggypigpigs has white coroplast BUT, in her oldest videos, she had clear. You really can see through it, but it's corrugated, so it's a bit fuzzy. If you really want clear, have you considered using plexiglass instead? I'm not picky about my color because I'm going to use fleece around the sides as well.

Problem being, you can't make the sides very high with either coroplast or plexiglass. So I hope you don't have climbers or flyers. :)
I have white for one cage, and yellow for the other. I like the yellow because you can get matching fleece, (white fleece seems like a bad idea) but with the white, it has more of a refined look. Plus, the white looks nice against the black grids. I really wanted light blue, or light purple, but that's all the sign store had and I was done looking around.
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