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Whew! Who would have known there would be so much to do?!?!


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Nov 6, 2011
I am enjoying my new piggies, but they are a ton of work! Not only do they need the basics, which I am trying to find out what those are, but the nicer I get their cage set up one way, then I read a new bit of information which then shows me that I need to change their care all up again. On top of my researching everything, one of my piggies has a loose stool,so I have to find an exotic vet in my surrounding small-town area that will hopefully see me tomorrow

Thanks a million for sharing all of your knowledge!
Welcome :)

I agree, they are a lot of work compared to when I read the Pet Store brochures on them! Luckily thanks to all this correct information, my next pair of pigs will have much better care from the start.

This site has a ton of info and I'm learning something every day. Hopefully you are, too!

Good luck with your pig - hope everything's okay soon.

Also, perhaps you know by now, but the people here will certainly enjoy seeing some pictures of your pigs :)
Welcome to the forum, anydue! And good luck to your piggy -- let us know how he gets on with the vet. If you'll post the name of the nearest city, we may be able to help you find one.
Yes, I will definitely get the pictures coming soon. Thanks for your response!
Well, I already have twelve rescue dogs which I have a great vet for. I asked last week, after getting the piggies, if my vet sees gp's, and she does. However I have never seen any exotics in their practice, and I am there a lot. I would really prefer a more specialized vet for gp's. I live in Huntsville, Tx, about 70 miles north oh Houston. I have heard of an exotic specialty vet in Conroe, about 30 miles from me. Tender paws or top paws something like that. I will give them a call first thing tomorrow.
I don't see a vet practice in Conroe with a certified exotic vet on staff. They've got vets with interests in exotics, but no certification.

I worked out an arrangement with my dog-and-cat vet practice here. They don't have an exotic-certified vet in their practice, but they do have a vet with an interest in exotics. I talked to her, and what we decided is that if she and I both feel comfortable with something she recommends for one of my pigs, we'll go for it, but if not, she'll refer me to Gulf Coast Avian and Exotics in downtown Houston. Dr. Natalie Antinoff there is an excellent exotics vet. GCAE won't just take walk-ins, though -- you need a referral from your vet, hence my arrangment with my dog-and-cat vet.

Just as an FYI, loose stools, if it's not outright diarrhea, can sometimes be gotten at least partially under control by stopping all veggies for a few days. If that doesn't do it, then a course of metronidazole (flagyl) is apt to do the trick.
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Thank you bpatters! I will keep that clinic in Houston in mind and talk to my vet about it. I was told by a former shower of gp's to feed alfalfa hay. I realize now that the piggies should be eating Timothy. I went and got some today and they started gobbling it down! I was also feeding romaine, bleuberries, carrots, apples twice a day. I realize now that I wasn't doing the right thing. I hope that if I just stick with the Timothy hay and straight Timothy pellets that my little guy's poop gets better!
How old are your piggies? If they're less than six months, alfalfa pellets would be a better choice for them.
I am not sure of how old they are. I am taking them to the vet on wednesday for a dignostic exm.
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