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Cage Where?

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May 5, 2012
[GuineaPigCages.com] Where? Okay, so ive got the grids. What do i do
For the bottem?
Well, first that's cage is too small for one pig (Don't know how many you have) So you may need to change your design.

Edit: Also for that top layer, you are going to need to make a bent grid ramp or something that has sides, and also have some way to block off the other parts of the top so they can't fall off
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The guinea pig cages homepage has very clear and concise instructions on how to build a cage from cubes and coroplast. If you do not have access to coroplast- a shower curtain, absorbent layer, and fleece on top works.
In another thread @abyssinianpiggy said they have three guinea pigs..
I really hope their plans aren't to keep all of them in there..
Wouldn't it be better to remove the top level, and use those grids to expand the bottom?
With that amount of grids she still could only make a 2x4 which would be enough for 2 at the very most (Bigger is always better)
yes maybe they trying to give the piggy an adventure
You definitely need a 2 x 5 for three guinea pigs.... at least.
I'm assuming the picture they have posted isn't actually how they are going to have their cage.(hopefully) I think they are wondering how to design it. If you look at the picture sections on the main website there are tons of picture to show you how :)
I have 6 guinea pigs at the moment: 4 females and 2 males. 1 female
and 2 males have ringworm so right now i have 3 cages. The picture that
I posted : the cubes cost $40. That was already enough for my dad,
And if i make the cage bigger it will take up too much room.in that cage
Im planning to keep 3 gpigs.
Ohhhhh no! If you are keeping that cage like that, it is a 2X2 and not enough room for ONE pig, let alone 3. Which 3 pigs are you planning to house together? You said you have 6 but the mix of 4 females to 2 males.

With the 2 of the 3 grids you have on top, you could expand the main level to a 2X3 and that would be big enough for 1 pig.
Are the males neutered? Are they living with the females? If the males are not neutered, please separate from the females immediately.

$40 per box is expensive. You could find cheaper ones here. They will ship to your local store for free, you won't have to pay for shipping.

Floor Standing 6-Cube Storage Unit- Stor-Tools-Garage Organization & Shelving-Storage Hooks & Accessories

(broken link removed)

If you can't buy new grids, at least make the current one a one level. I counted 12 grids, you can make a 2x4 cage. Normally there's 16 grids in each box. You could make a 2x6 if you have 16 grids.
3 females. Of course im not going to keep the males with the females.
Oh, and also I AM trying to sell them/ give them away, but apparently
No one wants abyssinians, plus the ones i wanted to sell have ringworm
So i'll just have to wait untill they get better.
Where are you located at? I may be interested in one. (That no longer has ring worm or any health problems of course)
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