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Australia Where to get wood pellets in Australia


Cavy Slave
Mar 6, 2018
Hi All,

I have been reading a few posts about wood pellets and how great they can be under fleece however all the posts are from the US. I note some of the posts note you can use Horse Bedding pellets does anyone know if that is the same here in Aus? If so assume I would get these from a feed store?

many thanks Bek
Yes you can use horse stall pellets, just make sure that they are either hardwood or pine, and if they are pine that they don't have a strong odour. I do believe you can get them at fodder stores who have a good range of horse goods here in australia (not all do). Proteq equine bedding seems to be one of the bigger brands of pine horse stall pellets around Australia.
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Thanks so much Soecara. I have a fodder store that has a lot of horsey stuff not too far away so I might give them a call!!
Haven't tried proteq but did so with horsemate wood pellets (same thing as catmate) from fodder shop and the smell is definitely reduced.

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