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UK Where to find CUBES in UK?



Where to find CUBES in UK?

Hi! I'm getting 2 Shelties Guinea Pigs, and I already found someone that will sell me the Correx(Coroplast) but I haven't been able to find the cubes, not even in Littlewoods, Help me out!



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~*Laura, Pumpkin, and Nikki*~

I just realized they're out of stock. Sorry about that. :-(
Cubes/correx in the UK

Thought I had it sussed when I found wire grids in a shopfitters shop. Unfortunately each grid only has 7X7 squares making the holes too big!! Worth a try though in case other shops have different makes.
Found correx but the shop wants £16.99 + VAT for one sheet (4'X8' 3mm). Isn't that too expensive??
Re: Cubes/correx in the UK

where did you find the correx cause i cant seem to find it?

Try looking for "signs" or even "plastic" in your local phone book. Ask if they have corroguated plastic. They should know what you're talking about.

~*Laura, Pumpkin, and Nikki*~


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Correx UK

I found the correx in a shop here in East London (Bethnal Green Rd). Look under Plastics - Mfrs & Suppliers in your local Yellow Pages.


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Re: Correx UK

That does sound a bit pricey. I found it for £5 + vat per sheet (4' x 8'). To have it cut to size was another £2. When I was ringing round I think the most expensive I came across was £12 per sheet, and I know the coloured stuff tends to be more.

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Another Source

Not as cheaply as Littlewoods/ Index sold them, but it doesn't look as if they plan to restock so this source may be useful to some.

Robert May Shopfittings based in London sell 12 zinc coated aluminium look grids for £19.95 + vat (item number mgp100). They do mail order and the delivery charge per item is £7.50. (broken link removed) Contact 020 7272 5225 (business hours) 0800 371566 (24 hour catalogue request line). They are currently out of stock but are getting more in about 2 weeks and have no plans to discontinue the line.

If you have a Poundstretcher near you, it may be worth checking there as some sell them (called House and Home organiser cubes).

Remember if you find another source in England/ UK, post it on the Cavy Cages website so other people can be helped to find them www.guineapigcages.com/ (scroll down to 'Found mine at' on the menu). You can also check there for new sources others may have posted about.


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Re: Another Source

From the Guinea Lynx forum:


YAY !!! Cubes in the UK can be found in Sainsbury's Homebase throughout the UK !!! They are called " Three Teir Bathroom Storage " are white and cost £9.99, untiil end of January when they will go up to £19.99 !!! They are white and are quite frankly...brilliant !!!

I emailed PoundStretcher and got not only a fab reply and not only that, 24 hours later, I got a call saying they's shipped some cubes to my local store. I went in and bought them, and left happy. If you have trouble getting the cubes...go to the PoundStretcher website, and email them for help, they call them House And Home Organiser Cubes.

Later that very same day, when I was in Sainsbury's Homebase, purchasing cable ties...I nearly died. There in glowing pristine packaging was the white cubes. I asked a store assistance how long they'd had them, and got told they's come in the previous day. They think they will be good sellers, so have them on an introductory offer. You can make three cubes from them, so as I wanted white, I will mix and match the matt grey/silver Poundstretcher cubes and the white ones I originally wanted.

So there it is...cubes are here...for how long...no one knows, but Sainsbury's Homebase, or Poundstretcher are your places to go !!!

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
Re: Another Source

Also from Soph from a recent GPDD posting:

I found a 'creative cube' type thing in Homebase - it is being sold as a three tier bathroom storage units.

They come in packs of 13 and until then end of Januray they are £9.99 a pack. After this they will double in price.

I had to use food ties to put mine together as the connectors they supply kept slipping, but they might work. I didn't try for very long!!! I made a superb 3 storey cage for my 2 house rabbits with 4 packs, so it cost me £40 in total (I used some carpet offcuts to cover the mesh).

Anyway, I hope this is of use to some of the UK posters who may have been searching (as I have) for cc's for ages.
Re: Where to find CUBES in UK?

Poundstretcher in Houslow (opposite houslow west tube station) sell cubes (house and home organiser cubes) They are £9.99 for 13 grids, 18 connectors)


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cubes in uk

I also found mine in Poundstretcher (aberdeen), they were reduced to £4.99 a pack.
Re: cubes in uk

Littlewoods are still out of stock, don't know if they are discontinuing. I was actually in Poundstretcher today but didn't think of looking for them there!

Somone mentioned Sainsbury's Homebase earlier in this thread - well they've possibly discontinued them cos I can't find them on their website. Might pop into the local store tomorrow to look.

I found them on Amazon.com but they're not on Amazon.co.uk :-(

I even searched eBay but no luck.
Re: cubes in uk

I've contacted Littlewoods about the cubes, and apparently they are available for order over the telephone. Call 08457 444 444.
Re: cubes in uk

I couldn't find cubes on the homebase website but when I went to the shop and they had them in. They were on offer but I think that ended 31st Jan and are £19.99 now a pack
homebase & cubes

we poped into homebase just to see if they did have any cubes as we still had not seen any.(14th feb)
They were there and with a big sticker on them £9.99 untill 29.01.03. BUt we thought we would chance it and ask if that was true.
The woman asked the manager and he said we could still have them for £9.99, but he woman had to go and take all the stickers of the other cubes.
So if the stickers are still on and you are cheaky, just ask you might get a kind person let you still have them for a tenner!
There are 13 in a pack so you can make a 4X2. We got two packs so that we could add a top bedroom.
Hope this helps anyone!:p


Frustrated cage builder

Hi, my boys are getting pretty upset with me - I promised them a new cage before Christmas. <img src=(broken link removed) ALT=":eek:">
Littlewoods say they don't & won't be stocking the cubes anymore, similarly Hombase and Poundstretcher. I've rung & visited several stores locally and they don't seem to have any left over stock. Any ideas??:lol:

Also when I rang some local sign makers in Essex they seemed less than happy to supply the Correx - does anyone know of a friendly supplier in south Essex?:mad:
Expectant cage builder

Yay :D Although Homebase don't have the cubes in the depot:( , there are still plenty on the shelves :) - you need to phone around to find a store with any. Ask for product code 118650. I'm off to get mine now. :cool:

Another forum user (nirikina) has kindly pointed me to a friendly (but expensive) local supply of Correx - so Zack & Humbug will be very happy soon!:D


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Re: Expectant cage builder

From a post on the database:

Monarch Shelving
Phone: 01706 880355
Website: (broken link removed)
City: Online in the UK
State: England
Comments: I have found this site that also stocks cubes in the UK since Littlewoods seem to always be out of stock these days. A bit expensive at £30 plus Vat but if you can't get them anywhere else.


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