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Where to find cubes in Central PA



Where to find cubes in Central PA

I built a platform out of 2x4's and plywood to setup 2 C&C cages approx. 11 SF each with 2 tiers but cannot find any cubes here in central Pennsylvania. I've stopped walmart, kmart and Lowes (and found none), and called Samsclub and a Target store and either the salespeople had no clue or they actually didn't have them. Getting very frustrating as I bought my sheet of Coroplast today at a local sign shop for $25, but thought the cubes would be the easier of the 2 to find. Seems the coroplast was as I found that by my 3rd phone call.

Any help here?
Re: Where to find cubes in Central PA

Go to guineapigcages.com. If you scroll half way down the screen you will see a link for a database of places people have found their materials. Try out the database. You also might want to go check out Sam's Club and Target to see for yourself. Good luck!

Yea, i see Target in Dickson City has them, gonna take a ride there tonight and pick them up. Bout an hour each way though :(
finding cubes...

You may even want to try Cosco if you have one near you. That is where I found my cubes. They will be in the desk furniture section most likely, because the actual use for them is for a bookshelf type of set up. Good Luck!
Re: finding cubes...

Thanks. No costco, target or anything near me. Very populated area, just slow at getting the big stores here for soem reason. I picked 2 boxes up at Target last night, 83 miles each way, and they were $20 for 24 tiles. Got half of it built, but won't really get to finish it till this weekend.


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