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where to buy ivermectin?


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Jan 11, 2005
Well, Baby Cosmo appears to have mites. I've googled Ivermectin, but can't figure out where to buy it... Help please!
it's easiest to go to the vet.
I guess you're right. I was thinking I might be able to save the cost of a vet visit.
Sounds like some people have ordered it themselves online.
Alot of people do do it themselves, I personally am too afraid of overdosing of underdoseing or just doing it completely wrong. I leave the medicine to the pros.
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Go to froogle.com and type in ivermectin, it will give you a list of places to buy it online.
For dosing info see https://guinealynx.info/ivermectin.html

There is absolutely nothing wrong with dosing at home as long as you follow the directions on the gl link I gave you.
I was able to get mine at petsmart in the horse section. Most petsmarts carry horse stuff. I only paid 7 bucks for ivomec and it does up to 1300lbs. It will definatly do all my 22 piggers if they have them. I got them to keep on hand cause I know that sometimes you may get hay that might have mites in them so I could treat them right away.
I bought a horse paste called vectin. You just need to make sure the ivermectin is the main active ingredient
Mine was the exact same item that they have posted in guinea lynx. They have some pictures and the one I got is the same thing.
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