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Cage Where do you keep your cage?


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Jul 30, 2011
I was just wondering, how many of you keep and can have the space to keep your cage in your bedroom? I was just wondering how many people did. If not, would you mind sharing where you keep your cage? Thank You!
Mine is in the dining room, but I want to move the bunny and the piggies to their own bedroom soon so that floor time is easier. I have way too many cats to be complacent when the piggies are out of the cage, so it makes it hard to change the bedding.
My piggies started off in my guest bedroom, until I started having guests over. I don't quite understand why my friends and family that come to stay don't enjoy a piggie alarm clock at 7am. :D

Now they are in my livingroom and I'm a lot happier with that. It is the central room of the house. Before I had pigs, I never really spent time in my livingroom. However, now that they are in there I can actually use the furniture I bought and spend time with my piggers.
Our cage is in our living room.
Bedroom. I live in a shotgun apartment, and the living room is nothing more than a glorified hallway. The front office is cold, as one wall is all windows, and the kitchen, at the other end of the apartment, is cold and tends to be drafty. The bedroom is the warmest, quietest room in our apartment, and where we spend most of our time.

Many people recommend not having them in your room, I believe for hay allergy sensitivity. We're lucky in that it's no problem for us.
Mine are in my family room/ basement. It is finished and where we spend most of our time.
I wish my piggies could be in my living room but we have a very small living room so they live in my bedroom. Also my mom is allergic to my piggies so they are in my bedroom. Most people say not to do that since your not in your bedroom alot but in my house it sadly is the most sunny lively room in the house :D
mine is in the living room,c&c,2x3,she does fine with the tv on, and 3I kids I watch running around.
Mine are in my bedroom! I live with two other girls in a student apartment. I love having them in my bedroom since that's where I spend the vast majority of my time anyways. They wake up to my second alarm every morning so by the time my third and final alarm rings, baby Harper is already up and running laps so there's no way I could go back to sleep if I tried :p
Gidget is currently in our living room but We are going to put her new bigger cage in our spare room where I can let her out and she can have safe floor time. Plus her new cage will be too big for living room. Its kinda out in the floor now.
I would love to have my piggies in my room, family room, or living room. Bedding went everywhere when the pigs lived up stairs. So... my piggers were down graded to the basement.

They live in their 4x2 and lx2 loft C&C cage. When the dogs aren't around they have safe floor time. My parents moved a old couch down their. Thats where I spend my time, I read, do homework, and when I am lucky, I eat lunch down their.

I would love to have my piggers upstairs, but this works too:)
@go_ellie... Do you have full bottom cafe of litter? we use litter pans- and blankets that we switch out and wash twice a week. We have a 3x5 bottoms with 1x5 loft... The only problem I really have with litter is when I make a mess of it fillin the pans...(we use the shredded pine bedding for litter). If you want to see pics of our cage for example of what I am talking about- look up slate rock cave-How it went--- on this forum here and you will see some pics. :) hope this information helps. (also- if cage in carpet and that is the issue- you could try getting that runner stuff- (the plastic carpet protector stuff for walkways or under office chairs) and put that under the cage- make it easy to just sweep up mess- instead of Having to vacuum all the time...
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