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Where Do You Get Them?


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Sep 24, 2011
Where do you get your tunnels? I made some out of tissue boxes once, but they got really gross and torn apart. What do you use? I'm not thinking so much fleece...but are those better than normal ones?

Thanks in advance! :)
I use bent grids, fleece tunnels, pigloos with two doors (not so much a tunnel, but fun to run through!). I had a SuperPet Crinkle Tunnel that my pigs loved, but they also loved to pee in it and it was hard to wash. I found these fleece tunnels on etsy and ordered 2. My pigs love them! They are just like the Crinkle Tunnels, but easy to wash. CREATIONS LISE PET ACCESSORIES by creationslise on Etsy
Thanks! I will try the bent grids, how do you make the fleece tunnels?
Cobb Cabin Crafts and Penny Gig Designs make some awesome fleece tunnels on their Etsy.com stores.

You can also use big PVC pipes from home improvement stores.
OMG @ILoveMillie, this is exactly what I need! Thanks so much, that will definitely be my next piggy project! :)
Okay, so I'm planning to put fleece on the outside instead of cotton. How many yards do I need for the outer fleece? How many yards do I need for the inner fleece? And finally, what size batting do I need? (Craft, crib, etc.)

Also, is it reversible?
I would get a yard of both of the fleeces and the batting. The measurements in the video can be changed too depending on how big you want it. My guinea pig fits in the tunnel in the measurements in the video, but it's a little tight :) Haha! If you use fleece on both sides, then yeah, I guess it would be reversible.
How big should I make it? I want it to be pretty big, what measurements would you recommend?

Oh, and what is the width of the fabric at Hancock Fabrics?
How big should I make it? I want it to be pretty big, what measurements would you recommend?

Oh, and what is the width of the fabric at Hancock Fabrics?

I would just add a few inches to the width. I think the length of the one in the video is pretty good :) If you go the CavyCompanions channel, the video after this one (I believe) is showing the tunnels in the cages so you can see them better there if you would like.

I can't answer the Hancock Fabric question though, sorry!
How wide do the rest of you make/have your fleece tunnels?

Also, has anyone else made theirs reversible?
Bumping time! :p
I would cut the side to be doubled-over at around 22 inches.

Do you mean 32 inches ?

Also, the pics in your other post are not showing up.
I bought two straw tunnels and a T-shaped ferret tunnel (want to get another but haven't found one. I extend and connect them through the use of cardboard boxes and paper bags. That lets me easily make new configurations since Borat adores running through different tunnels in his playpen every day (Amy could care less...she's more about fleece forests).
I tried cardboard tunnels but they got really gross.
Oh, you said double it over so I was thinking double 16. I will be making the grid tunnel A.S.A.P. Could you by any chance a post a pic of what it looks like from underneath? Like the top of the inside?
Here is a tutorial that should help: https://www.guineapigcages.com/threads/43952/. Pretty easy!

To add to the list of online sellers: Jens Custom Crafts (jenscustomcrafts.com) and Cassandra's Cuddle-Wee Things (cuddleweethings.com) sell tunnels.

Hope this helps!
For my girls, I bought a crinkly kitten tunnel and placed it upstairs. They love the crinkly sound it makes, and it was only $9.50!
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