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UK Where did you get your correx/coroplast from?


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Feb 17, 2012
I'm really struggling to find correx at the moment. A lot of sites seem to do it in packs of 5, and I don't really want to pay for more than I need to.

I've tried these sites, but they all seem to be wholesale:
(broken link removed)[/URL]Does Anyone Know Where To Get Some From? :confused:
I do not live in the UK, but I will be getting my coroplast from a flea market. It took me months to find the coro, because I did not ever think that a flea market would sell it. My suggestion would be to go different places that might have coroplast. (Or call them first:p) I would have never guessed that for many years there was coro less than two miles from me!

Good luck, and I know you will find some eventually! :)
theres a small shop in melton mobary(unsure how its spelt)
I got some A4 sheets from ebay but they were for the sides, rather than the floor. I'm going to try my local B&Q are someone on here mentioned they use correx for making their point of sale stuff and then just throw it out after! Free correx? Awesome! Failing that, I was going to call around my local signmakers and see if they'd sell me some.
Nicked mine from a pile of old political signs that were going to be thrown out. I think it was actually a stronger grade, somehow. More than big enough also.
Also, Teacrate Packaging sell a massive sheet for under £4, you get discount if you mention "guinea" at checkout!
Also, Teacrate Packaging sell a massive sheet for under £4, you get discount if you mention "guinea" at checkout!
Thanks, that's useful :) But are the postage charges high? And how big is the sheet, I'm guessing big enough for a 2x3 and an upper level?
Actually don't worry, I've found it, it's 2000x1000mm.
But it's 2mm - will this be a problem as I've been recommended 4mm thick on several occasions.
I have seen people using 2mm before. Ideally, though, the thicker the better.
Does this apply to online orders as well? :p

Yeah, there's a little space. Total cost including shipping was £9. I ordered today and the guy said it would be delivered Monday.
I told him I had a voucher code to use and he asked me if I was "one of the guinea people". I think it's making an interesting sideline to their business :)
You're welcome. It arrived today, just like the guy said it would :)
For those who ordered from Teacrate, what condition was your correx in when it arrived? Mine is folded in thirds and battered :(
Mine was in a rolled cylinder, maybe 30cm in diameter. It was protected on the outside by cardboard and strapping but I can see how it could get damaged if you had a rough courier.
I would strongly recommend not buying correx online and trying your local sign company. A girl I work with's husband owns a sign company and I was able to order correx, one sheet 2m x 1m in blue 4mm correx for £10.
This appears to be pricing for 1 sheet. If I find somewhere selling FIVE coroplast sheets for $5 you beat your sweet bum I'll take em all!
(broken link removed)

Also, if affordable, you can sell your extra sheets to users on here. I did that with my extra sheet. The user I sold my sheet to lived aprox and hour away. We drove 30 mins each to a mall, exchanged and she enjoyed. She would of had to drive atleast an hour to the place I bought my sheets from.
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