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Australia Where can I get grids in Austraila?


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Jun 1, 2012
I need some to make my cage does anyone know where I could maybe get some?
You can get them at bunnings...
How much and how many, do you know?
I think they are $13 for 5 grids.
I got mine at bunning for that price. I made a 4 x 2 bottom level and a 1 x 2 upper deck. I made the ramp out of them too. I needed 5 packs all up. Also bent one to make a tunnel. They're great. Have fun putting it together :)
They sometimes have them at Big W, but Bunnings seem to just about always have them. I think they call them IBEX cubes if you need a staff member to look them up for you. I've had a lot of trouble finding them in Bunnings before.
Oh thanks that's why I can't find thing.
Even the staff have no idea what you are talking about. I ended up finding them myself in the storage isle.
Yeah, I did have the problem with staff not knowing what I was talking about. Once I had the brand name, though, they could look it up on their system.

I guess they're not very popular items, because I usually find them either on the floor under the shelves, or on the highest shelf (which I can't reach).

One time they had some amazing rubbermaid cubes. They were cheaper than the regular ones, and had some sort of spray on coating which doesn't come off no matter how much the pigs chew on it. The regular IBEX cubes have a plastic coating that my pigs chew off very easily. They only seemed to stock those for a couple of months, though.
Ok thanks I'm going down soon to get some.
Stalk Aldi. They occasionally stock grids. It's 12 grids with 18 connectors (I think) for about $20. I stock up whenever they get them in.
I went into Bunnings at the weekend to look for them and no joy... the guy looked them up on the system and said they were discontinued as of June! They had them down to $7 a pack on the discount table for awhile supposedly. Gutted! But it may be a good time for people to stalk their local Bunnings for any left on discount tables to have back-up stock!

I ended up paying $44 for a pack of 16 grids with 20 connectors from a seller on ebay. It would have been $20 postage but luckily they were based here in Brisbane in a warehouse. I really hated paying so much but I was desperate to get my girls into their new cage asap!
Also I saw that spotlight has the ones that have colored plastic in the centre instead of wire grid... They are quite nice looking and work the same way... They were in the storage section with stuff like wardrobe hangers and shoe boxes etc...I didn't notice the price however...
I bought grids from 'Store' the storage superstore for $15 pack of 16. They were on clearance because they are a deleted line. The shop I went to only had two boxes left. It's a bit sad that they are becoming deleted lines...
No joy with Bunnings, Target, BigW, Reject Shop or Howard Storage in Sydney. I ended up paying $44 for a set of 17 grids with 20 connectors from a Brisbane seller on Ebay plus $20 postage.
If your still looking for grids, I bought some at homeart (broken link removed) They're not grids but have plastic in the middle
I live in Perth so I'm guessing I'll have no luck finding anything here....

I don't suppose there's anything in IKEA that could possibly suit cages? Does anybody know?
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