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Australia Where can I find grids in Australia?


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Cavy Slave
Nov 5, 2011
Online stores are welcome also. :)
did you try reject shop?
i found a site for you i think
ebay sells them
No, I haven't looked there. Although I haven't noticed grids there, but I'll search the store for them. Thanks!
And also, no I can't find them on Ebay.
look up storage grids on ebay, just keep looking on there coz at first they dont show up then they do.
be careful with the ebay ones some grid holes are 2 big and arent safe for guinea pigs. 5x5 grid holes arent safe. The one's i have are 9x9.
Hi I found mine in bunnings in the home storage section they are about $13 last time I brought them was a month ago.
Ditto Piggy lovin. They're called IBEX cubes/grids and can be a bit hard to find, but they're there! Try looking down low and up high.
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