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Grids Where can I find grids in Australia?


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Nov 5, 2011
Does anyone know?
There are some posts in the Australia section that might help you out.
(broken link removed)
Bunnings, Store (I love that place!), Ebay...you just have to be careful about which grids you get as the 5x5 ones are becoming common here.

If you can't get grids, you can use the lengths of shelving you can get from bunnings, they work just as well and are probably cheaper.

Where abouts in Australia are you?
Thanks, Aertyn :) I am going to Bunnings next Friday, so I will have a thourgh (I can't spell to save my life -.-') check of the shop. Thanks again for you help :)
bunnings is the bestest shop in the whole wide world. i could go crazy in there
Actually, Bunnings doesn't sell them from what I've seen.
My bunnings in the illawarra does they sell a few diff kinds because that is where i got mine. I also find what one bunnings has doesnt mean another will.
The closest Bunnings to me (Mill Park) sells the Grids (and they always have stacks of them). The next nearest (Epping) hasn't had them in about 8 months...very odd as the two stores are less than 10km apart. And sometimes they keep them in the weirdest spots, end caps, little corners out of the way with no tags...
I know i have ones closer together then that and one does sell them the other doesnt
I've looked on the website.. That's the only way I know that they don't sell them. Although maybe they just don't have them on the website?
No, they aren't listed on the website. Never have been.
nah i first looked on the website and they didnt come up. i went in and they had the plastic and metal powercoated ones.
so just go into your local bunnings and go to the storage isle
Awesome. :3
They never give you enough connectors so make sure you get some cable tyes too :)
Yep, thanks for all your help everyone. :)
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