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General Where can I find coroplast/grids???


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Oct 29, 2011
I want to build my guinea pigs a bigger cage. Are there any major stores I can get these from???
I ordered my 2x3 C & C cage with a loft from the online store. However, I am currently in the process of building my niece one similar to mine for Christmas. I googled a plastics company in my home town and the 4x8 sheet of colored coroplast will cost me $17.00. I ordered the grids from Walmart Whitmor Black Wire Storage Cubes - Walmart.com and they're even on sale right now. I'll be searching home depot for the carpet on the ramp and I need to get the binder spines for the ramp still.

I'm looking forward to putting it together but hope I get my measurements right :)
Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kmart, and Target all have been known to sell grids. Be careful though and only buy the ones that have 9x9 square grids on them itherwise the pigs can get their heads stuck or even slip out.
Open up your phone book or google and just look up sign shops. Call a few, it honestly will only take one call maybe two and ask if they have corrugated plastic or coroplast. A lot of the time even if they dont they can order it for you and you go pick it up. It cost me $30 for 2 sheets that made a 2x5 cage.
HOLY COW!!!!! THAT'S CHEAP!!! I have been spending my money getting more cages for them, the bigger the better! And to think, with that same money, I could have built them a full-size cage, not a bunch of small store-bought cages!!! WOW!!!!
So, to build a say, 15 square feetish sized cage, how much would that cost???
Depending on where you buy your grids and coroplast. No more than $40.
$20 for grids and $10 - $20 for coroplast.

My first cage was only $25. I bought grids for $15 and coroplast for $10.
It depends on how you want to build it. Will it be on a grid stand or will it be on a table or on the floor?
Actually, it will probably be on our breakfast bar.
How wide/deep is your breakfast bar?
I went to the home page of this site then to the cages store section and saw there are 35'' by 48'' pieces of coroplast for sale. If I put one of these as a base floor then add a loft on top with the smaller piece, will it be big enough?
Depends on how many pigs you have. Have you seen the chart on the homepage for recommended size cage for number of pigs?
Yes, I have 2 pigs. It would exceed the larger size, which is good, right?
You need to make sides for the trays to help contain the waste so the cage wouldn't be the full 35x48.
I just measured the breakfast bar and it measures about 2 by 5 feet. If it overhangs a little that is okay, or I guess it's possible to build grid stands???
Would that be difficult? How much do you think I should order for 2 pigs?
Home Depot. Ask for sign boards.
Is it possible to trim grids to fit the cage?
Uh grids as in the the cube things? Not too sure if I understand the question right or not haha.
Are you trying to make a C & C cage?
Does anyone know if (broken link removed) is a reputable dealer? It's the cheapest I've found.
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